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instead of putting her in her kennel is there a way that you can set up a baby gate to keep them apart? That way she can feel safe in a separate room but not be where she thinks she is being punished? just a thought.
That poor momma.
I'm just curious what other think. The person running the site has listed (sorry can't remember the author's name) Nourishing Traditions as a source for some of the information she has so it can't be bad right? Here's the site http://www.helladelicious.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by whoMe I'm just beginning my NT/TF journey, and keep coming across loads of good advice, and a lot of 'i just do it my way rather than following the book.' as a newbie, it would be great to have a resource all in one place with basic instructions on things, (who knew fermented veggies were as east as veggies+salt+sit out on the counter!?) and recipes for the traditional ways of making foods. Cause googling 'traditional'...
Unfortunately I'm not sure what to say. To my memory I've never had the little white part of the nail bed show on my pinkies. My biggest ones are on my thumbs and as my finger get shorter (as you look across my hand that is. *wink*) the white part gets smaller. Otherwise I have healthy nail beds and I haven't had any health issues that effect my hands other then the poor circulation in cold weather, but, maybe that has something to do with it. At least for me.
I second getting rid of foods with additives. I have a SN kiddo with SID and she reacts big time to additive, artificial flavorings, food colorings etc. We did a test run with just limiting what she was getting that had various additives and it did help then we went back to our old eating habits and whammo backslide. Only taking out and limiting some of the artificial stuff helped some but not completely so we are now going with the rule of thumb that if we can't look...
OOooooooooo........ *drool* blueberry mead sounds like it's to die for! OK I'm just going to have to figure out how to make a little beginner test batch and then share it with a friend who I've been introducing to the finer drinks in life.
I'm not really picky about the alcohol level I go more for taste. I absolutely hate the US mead where they add sugar to it, it's so sweet it has a nasty after taste. I'm the kind of girl who likes something smooth with just enough sweetness that it's pleasant to the palate but not so much that you get a weird taste in your mouth that shouldn't be there. KWIM? And at $20+ a bottle for the good stuff here if home made tastes good it would be a hell of a lot cheaper.
so it's just one part honey to four parts water? Period? I can handle waiting three months for a good home made 'drink', mead is my weakness and I'm so picky that I have yet to find a US maker that makes it as good as the UKer's, but some of the recipes I've seen look so complicated. I'm going to have to sweet talk Dh into a little jug of honey (pint) a bucket and bottles.
Cool, I was curious since I know that everyone does things differently. My basic plan is to start with only stuff where we can look at the label and tell at first glance *exactly* what is in it. KWIM? I know that Dd1 has some behavior reactions to all the additives etc in food these days. I'm going to have to baby step Dh into most everything past that. I do garden already though and do not use anything on it other then water. Too bad the rabbits are eating...
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