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Is it better to work you way into a TF diet or to go cold turkey? I'm curious what others think. I have three kids and a Dh (Mr ooooooooooo....oreos!) plus myself to get going on this. And I will confess that I have my weaknesses too but I have found things that I can substitute and that solves the cravings.
Cool, I'm going to be watching for bones. We have a chest freezer that needs to be put to better use. Does anyone on the traditional foods diet freeze foods for later?
Yes we doo have a farmer's market. And with the rummors that meat and milk prices are going to sky rocket Dh is talking about switching our meat buying to local. I've been trying to talk him into it for quite awhile. I'm prepping Ds (my pickiest eater) mentally for the fact that we are going to be doing this (at least once Dh gets paid and I can get a little more reading in on the route that it looks like we are going to go) and then we will be officially off....
I posted in another thread about this. You can put the white juice that you see on the broken end of a pick dandelion on the wart. You need to do it at least twice a day, the more times a day the better. It will discolor the area a little but otherwise is harmless to anything other then the wart. Depending on how bad the wart is it could take a week or two but if you keep up with it it will go away. Poor baby.
If you have dandelions in your yard you can put the white juice that you see on the end when you've picked one on a wart and it will help it go away. I did this with warts as a kid and it worked well. It will turn the wart brown but it does help as long as you put it on at least twice a day.
my spindle that is. My spindle was a low worl and it fell today and the worl came off. I was looking at it and on a whim I popped the worl on the top gently banged it down a little and I think that I'm going to keep it there. I'm getting a better spin then I was with the worl on the bottom.
Thank you for the heads up on the yahoo group. I will look them up. I completely agree about if you need to look it up then you shouldn't be eating it when it comes to food. Dh lost his taste for cool whip when he found out that lube is used in making it. We're just trying to figure out how to do this and keep a budget. Has anyone had issues with food prices?
Thank you for the insight. I have not tried anything as I just started reading about all of this stuff yesterday (literally!) and verbally passing info on to Dh. Dh agrees that it is something worth looking into and starting up in some form or another. He wanted me to pass him links to information so I sent him some stuff to read this evening and then talk about more tonight. Dh and I are tossing around the idea of kicking the carbs or I should say gluten not...
How would I know other then a bood test? When ever it's been brought up to a pedi in the past (and it's worse now then it's been) it's just been brushed off as dry skin. Her skin isn't dry right now, but she does have dry skin problems in the winter.
Good morning all. I am trying to figure out if healing the gut is needed in my family. But I am trying to figure out how to go about it with out people going hungry as I can't see that as being a good thing either. The short list of issues that we are dealing with even after trying to clean up our diets are.... Me Psoriasis, eczema, body odor, and FAP/GS (basically an inherited intestinal disease). Dh eczema, heartburn/reflux issues Ds (7yo) eczema, stomach...
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