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Welcome! When son #1 was conceived in 2007 I used to pick up my vials in person at Fairfax Cryobank in Fairfax. They also have, I think, a local courier option for other parts of the DC area. Good luck!
Hi all, baby Ben was born on 2/17 and we could not be happier or more in love! DS1 (age 6) is doing really well, but is definitely needing some extra praise and attention. I made sure to spend a lot of alone time with him over the weekend, and purposely snuggled and read books before bed with him, making sure he stills feels special and deserving of my time. If anyone has advice on maintaining this close bond, please share! In also happy news, my wife's parents seem...
Benjamin arrived 2/17 (my edd was 2/9)! We are soo happy and even DS1 is in love with his little brother already. Hugs to those of you still waiting!
Benjamin Walter is here! He arrived 2/17 at 8:24pm. 7lbs, 10oz, 20" long, super cute! I went in for induction but never progressed past 4cm (after bulb, pit, water broken, etc.), so after about 28 hours we agreed to a c/s. It actually was not that tough of a choice because it seemed like nothing would get me past 4cm. I'm sore but so happy to have this little guy in my arms after almost 42 weeks of pregnancy!! I tried to embed a pic, I hope it worked.
Hey all, still pregnant, but I'm being induced tomorrow when I hit 41 weeks! I am so uncomfortable, mostly back pain, so I am welcoming the induction. Fingers crossed it progresses well and I don't need further intervention. When DS1 was born (my ex wife gave birth), he arrived at 38w1d. Man, do I wish I had that kind of luck!! I hope all of you are feeling well. Here's hoping I have DS2 in my arms soon!
Hi all, still pregnant! Today was my last day of work and now I'm on a mission to meet this baby! My belly was so small and comfy for months, but it all caught up with me in the last few weeks and I decided to stop working before my EDD. I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea today, took a long walk, and um, we're trying lots of dtd in case it helps! I have an ob appt tomorrow am and will hopefully be a little dilated (I wasn't at all last week). Today my son's...
We're also making some recipies that can be doubled for leftovers-specifically soups and hearty stews. I bought a little yard sign at a party store that says It's a boy because I'm pretty sure only 2 neighbors even know I'm pregnant. Lol I was late to show and my belly has been hidden inside a big coat for months. The only other thing I am on DW about is cleaning the bathrooms since my parents are coming down next weekend and I'm sure others will stop by after the baby...
I am in the same boat.  It is rare that I actually get to sleep all night long.  I did sleep from 1am-6:30am today and that seemed like a little victory.  Are you up because you're hungry or because your mind is racing?  For me, it's all hunger, but then my mind is up and thinking about all the things I need to get done.
I remember getting these things for DS after he was born, so you might want to have them available before the birth. Your post actually reminded me I only have child medicine at home and nothing for infants! I'm not sure about the responses you will get here, but I'm sure there are some natural suggestions from some moms. I tried the vit D but had to do it in the tub because it was messy and stained things. I never used gas drops but I think we just lucked out to not...
I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and I am almost ready! I am working two more days next week, then starting leave so I can finally get the house and my life in order! I am big and uncomfortable but telling myself I made it this long, so I can wait a little bit longer. I'm finally putting the car seat in the car today, and am doing lots of baby laundry. Now if I can just finish my taxes by next weekend. Whew!
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