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We are a vegan homeschool  family.  We have always homeschooled and my husband and I have been vegan since 1994! wow! I feel I can never find any other vegan homeschoolers. We have lived in TX and NH and now Maine, and I have yet to meet one vegan homeschooler! I have yet to be one other family that is vegan. Anyway, we moved to Maine because of the affordable housing. I have found it easy to homeschool and there are plenty of stores that have any food items we might...
Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I gave her the two books I had: Montessori:play and learn. and, Hainstocks" Montesorri preschool years. She said she ordered Hainstock's Montesoori for elementary years. I looked at that elementary book on amazon, and it sells for $60 used! I hope it helps her. Rebecca
Hi, My cousin wanted to use the montessori method to homeschool her 1st grader in the fall. Will you please share links and ideas with me? Thanks Rebecca
OK, I have decided to go with the Well Trained Mind for 9th grade. I will plan out the 9th grade year and assign credits to the courses and prepare a transcript in case he wants it in the future. I am going to try saxon algebra 1. If anyone wants to see my subjects/book selections/etc, let me know! I bought several biology books and biology experiment books. I think I am going to try the art of problem solving, also. Thanks for the input! Rebecca
Hi, thanks for all of the suggestins. I bought the Moore Formula back when my almost-9th-grader was in Kindy! It goes all the way through high school and has a nice layout of to plan high school. So, I will utilize it, along with Ambelside and Well Trained Mind. I'm going to check out winter promise now... Thanks Rebecca
Thank you SO MUCH! This is the type of stuff I'm looking for. I love to hear how others approach homeschooling high school Happy Earth Day!
Thanks. I see Ambelside online has high school lessons. I am almost certain I will use the suggestions from The Well Trained Mind. I have never used Saxon before. We are using Calvert 8th grade math right now. more ideas appreciated, Rebecca    
Hi, I am planning my son's 9th grade curriculum this fall. I would love to hear what others have done for high school. I'm leaning towards following the Well Trained Mind or buying Oak Meadow's 9th grade. We have always homeschooled. I emailed a local college about their requirements for homeschoolers. He responded and also added his opinion on homeschoolers and math/science. Here is what he said: "My experience with home-schooled applicants is that  their...
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