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Well, I'm not an inattentive parent. I wouldn't allow my child to bully another child, take a toy away, take another child's turn or even climb up the slide. I have told kids that aren't mine "No" if they are agressive. But I"m just saying "good luck trying to parent other people's kids"...
I know you said outside isn't popular, but it is KEY to getting them tired. Fresh air is awesome! If we don't get outside, my 5yo,3yo,1yo are all bouncing off the walls! We swim everyday. Also, they LOVE the outside trampoline if you have room. There are also mini-trampolines for indoors. Like I said, its that fresh air that really seems to do the trick. You may have to insist on outside time, set a timer? Good luck! Rebecca
I always wipe down our shopping cart. Why? Because my kids have gotten sick after shopping trips. And, all I can say is "ewwww" to some guy with dirty hands touching my baby! I would never allow that or any other stranger to touch all over any of my kids. Its not socialization to allow strangers to touch my kids. I don't care if I seem rude. They are rude... just my 2 cents Rebecca
I thought dysgraphia as soon as I read the op's first post. We also used form drawing and handwriting without tears. He is using beginning cursive D'Nealian now. Rebecca
Hi, Years ago I bought Sonlight's non-consumable science supply kit. I sold most Sonlight stuff, but I still have the kits. What books of experiments should I use with the kit for 8-12 year olds? I have lots of Usborne books. Thanks Rebecca http://www.sonlight.com/NSK.html
I felt that way after I had my third. I wanted to get pregnant right away! It was a burning desire. It ended up taking almost 2 years before I was expecting again, and I had that burning desire the whole time!! Rebecca
Hi, This morning my 5 year old said the bottom of both big toes hurt. I looked and there is a small red circle spot on the bottom of each toe. I looked at my two big toes, and I have the same thing! We have been swimming every day and the concrete is burning hot. Its not a far walk to the pool, but it is super hot. Please tell me these are blisters from hot asphalt and NOT plantar warts. What do plantar warts look like when they begin? None of my other children have the...
New Posts  All Forums: