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I had to bring out the big guns this time. I take a Prilosec every night before bed, and it's like magic, I swear. I still get the reflux sometimes, but it's not burning, at least. It's more like a wave of vomit in my mouth and sinuses. Still plenty unpleasant, but at least I don't feel like there's a hole being burned through my throat. I used Tums like candy in my previous pregnancies, but I think they're the principal reason I have recurring calcite kidney...
it's the La Bassine.
My Ridgeback is the king of food thieves. Most memorable: He took out a 7 quart crockpot filled with pot roast and veggies (about 15 pounds altogether) from the back corner of the kitchen counter. It was actively cooking, and very hot. He was only about 8 months old, and I'm still not sure how he managed to reach that crockpot, but reach it he did...and he yanked it right off the counter and face down on the floor. The tempered glass mixed with gravy was the best...
My husband's grandmother was a Major's daughter, they were stationed at Schofield Barracks when Pearl Harbor happened. She also had a handwritten diary, detailing the attacks from the POV of a teenage girl. My mother in law (her daughter) has an open salon account, and she painstakingly transcribed the entire diary, along with numerous photos of the destruction and her family. It's fascinating.
I read that these are actually "floaters", solid matter inside the vitreous humour in the eyeball. That's why they show up so much when you look at large, well lit, monochrome surfaces...or the sky.
I have a diabetic son, so I know a fair bit about diabetes (type 1, but still)...YES, being sick can throw your glucose way off. When Noah is sick, I have to test him every hour because his glucose tends to go higher than normal and stay there, despite multiple corrections with insulin. Also, exercise will drop your glucose very quickly if it's a little high. When Noah is around 200, he can run a few laps around the house and do 20 jumping jacks or so and he's back down...
Is it The Blue Lagoon or Return to the Blue Lagoon?
I have an '11 Town and Country, and I really, really like it a lot. It has a lot of room behind the 3rd row, and the stow n go seats are really hard to beat.
I love the sleeping bag too! My 9 month old (and soon the new bean as well) would love this stuff on our cold, wet Washington nights!
he's getting back into it...he threw up a few times for a few days (he tends to push himself over the edge, heh)...but he's getting better. Thanks!
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