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is there any particular reason you're putting the detergent in the cold wash? Cold water is REALLY not very good at dissolving detergents...if I were you I would do the cold wash, then add the detergent to the hot, then rinse twice. And maybe try using more detergent...although I never liked Charlies. I've been washing mine in Tide Original and having good results
my boys have always been easier on me! Well, at least when I'm pregnant with them, lol. Not so much later on.
He's been transverse for my last two appointments (5 weeks apart). My doc isn't concerned, but I'm starting to freak out. He's my 4th, and this is the first time I've ever had a baby not be vertex at this point. Is it because my poor old uterus is all stretched out? Does he simply have too much room to move around? I'm planning my first ever (and last) home birth, and I'm really worried that something is going to happen to keep my dream from coming true. I really...
the overlapping skull bones were AMAZING. I have never seen anything like that before!
my 10 year old is, my 7 year old isn't, and neither will the new boy coming in September. It's not something that has come up for our family...my oldest has never asked any questions about it, but we have discussed it, on my own initiative. I just told him that we have always done what we thought was best for them, and always will. Just that sometimes "what we think is best" can change sometimes, and we change our decisions because of it. He doesn't have nearly the...
ok, I placed a big order on GMD today Got 24 newborn orange prefolds, and one each of their newborn/small wool covers. I'm trying to stay away from synthetics this go round....in a couple of weeks I will buy 36 yellows and a few wool covers in the next size up, and then I should be set for a while
Let's see....baby boy is due September 28th. I have never gone late in my life, so I'm predicting that he will arrive 10 days early, September 18th, and he will weigh 9 pounds 5 ounces
THIS. I would have it decorated in a clean western style, lots of leather and wrought iron, with touches of Craftsman artistry, like tongue and groove, dovetailed, wood pegged, hand planed woodwork and leaded glass everywhere. The extra houses would be for my family, because I would love nothing more than to have everybody in the same place . I also would have a full stable (no pun intended, lol) of hosuehold and farm staff to care for it all, because I hate...
it depends on the vet, but I've never had any problems
ohh, tell me about it! Our apartment has blond wood floors all the way through, and I was making myself crazy trying to keep them clean! I ended up buying a nifty little Korean vacuum...a canister vacuum designed for hard floors, and it ROCKS! I'm actually going to buy a transformer so I can take it home with me to the States, LOL. I never want to sweep again! But we mop, with an oldfashioned string mop, a bucket, and orange pine sol, just about every day, because...
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