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I'm in the with Oceanbaby. We didn't buy really nice stuff yet ( except our kitchen table) In fact, we sold some of the 'pre-children' stuff(furniture) that WAS really nice. It's just not worth it to me to stress over 'stuff'. All of my expensive china etc is either packed away or way, way out of reach. I know this is not an option or even acceptable for many people but it works for us.
I believe they absolutely do exist!
I'm in!!! I have never gone out shopping on black Friday and don't imagine that I ever will.
Congratulations!!! She is darling!!!
I was adopted a very young age and have since met my maternal bio family and have a great relationship with them. My biological father bailed on us when my sister and I were very small.(which played a part in my being adopted) His family didn't want anything to do with my sister or I when we were infants/toddlers secondary to us being biracial. Even though he was our bio dad they didn't want any part of us. When my sister and I reunited in my teen years we decided to...
Hey there! I'm up the road from you in York. I know there are a few other Mammas around here too.
I totally agree with Trinity... friendships do wax and wane as the years go by. I have one really good friend since childhood. He and I have been through everything together including falling out of touch for a bit. I agree with pp's that finding more friends is a great idea but try not to give up on this friendship. She is going through change right now as we all do from time to time.
I was adopted as a toddler. We adopted our dd when she was an infant through DFCS. We adopted our ds when he was newborn through a private open adoption.
We just traded in our Wrangler recently for a more economical vehicle. Prior to the little people, I drove it all the time with the top down! I wore either a baseball hat with pony tail out the back or a bandana toe keep my wild mane in check. Wranglers are big fun! Enjoy!!
New Posts  All Forums: