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Two month pic and one the other day :)  She is a peanut.  Trying to get her up from the 3rd % before our next doctor visit.    
Trish - Linnea is about the same size as your baby. 6lb12oz at birth and now 8lb 6oz at ten weeks. Having a tiny baby is hard. I'm having a hard time getting enough supplement into Linnea (fortunately I've find a lot of donor milk) and she won't take a bottle so I use an SNS while nursing. It's very difficult to do this out of the house. Having a low supply sucks. Linnea is going through a crying phase too. I want to just fast forward a few months..
She smiles whenever I pretend to sneeze.  lol.
Couldn't resist popping in to brag a bit more ;)  Linnea at 7 weeks.    
I started bleeding at that point too after dd2. Our bodies can be so weird. I wasn't concerned since with nfp any bleeding before 60 days or so is considered locchia and not menstruation.. Dh and I dtd and I was a lot more sore than I thought. My perineum was fine since I didn't tear or get stitches but the birth must've done something to my vaginal wall because there were a few spots that hurt a lot. I still enjoyed it enough but I'm disappointed since I was expecting to...
Sorry Kali, dental work is the worst. I would add in some probiotics for both of you if you don't already take them. Thrush would not be fun to add to the mix. Our medical bills are trickling in. Up to $8200 out of pocket so far. Sigh. My midwives exceeded the "allowable rate" which we were not expecting so half of their fee wasn't even applied to the deductible.
Lida - that is a teenage girl nightmare. I used to be paranoid about getting my period somewhere and not being prepared. You couldn't just steal a pad from her bathroom? And the jeans I fit into are my fat girl jeans. They are the one size up jeans I had to buy after my last baby but I was still happy they fit. ;-) they are old navy jeans and they stretch out so much though. I think I need to suck it up and buy one nice pair of jeans that fit really well instead of...
Happy birthday to me.  I just realized I fit into my regular jeans at less than 3 weeks postpartum :)  lol.
Trish - Fisher price makes a thing called a rock and play which is safe for babies to sleep in and is the same incline as a car seat. I have a very very thin sling and sometimes I've left it under the baby when putting into the car seat. Its thinner than one of those swaddle things which are safe for the car. Maybe something else you could look into. It's my 5 year old DD's and my birthday today. Dh and I went out to dinner with the baby last night and they sat us in the...
You are a rockstar Jenny! I can't believe you gave birth to a baby almost twice as big as mine. He is adorable! Congratulations!!
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