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Michelle - I doubt you'll go that far but if you did you wouldn't just try to induce instead of a cesarean? My inductions haven't been fun but they were still better than a cesarean.
At this point I am also hoping baby waits until after Christmas by a few days. My SIL's bday is the 26th too. I'd prefer the 28th or later.
I did the opposite and shopped and wrapped everything super early so now I'm just bored and killing time. I almost wish I had last minute shopping to keep myself busy. We may go walk around the mall this morning just to do something. 40+5 today. Never expected to still be pregnant...
Sorry, not helpful to those of us overdue and still pregnant :-( I know the end will be here within the next couple weeks but it's hard to see it from the trenches.
I don't think I had a single contraction. Sigh. I just hope the diarrhea is over. My bottom hurts so bad. Ugh is right :-(
Hasn't worked yet.  Just took the final ounce.  Just a bunch of trips to the bathroom and a painful behind so far...  Sigh.
I got a really good night's sleep last night so I just took castor oil as my last ditch attempt to have baby before Christmas.  I did one ounce in capsules about an hour ago.   It hasn't kicked in yet but at least putting it in capsules has kept me from feeling like I'm going to throw it up.  I'll do one ounce every two hours for four doses.  I figure even if it doesn't start labor it will cause contractions which should do something.  I am also pumping now so maybe the...
Zinc is supposed to help the epo work better. I've has some mucus off and on for weeks but it hasn't meant anything. My cervix is still do high I can't even reach it.and I was only 1cm the other day.
Thanks. Feeling a little more positive tonight. I keep going back and forth between whether it would be better for baby to come before Christmas or after. I am SO not forward to going to my in laws on Christmas. They have a small house and it's going to be 28 people plus presents. Insane. Do you think swallowing the zinc lozenges would be effective instead of sucking then? I find them pretty gross and it made me nauseous before. Hoping you ladies go into labor very soon...
Just bought more evening primrose oil along with calcium lactate and zinc.  And castor oil if I get really desperate... Even with the antidepressant I just feel awful.  I'm so sad that I just want Christmas and the next couple weeks to be over.  My kids are at such fun ages for this stuff but I just can't enjoy them feeling like this.  Going to try to get myself to go into labor within the next 30 hours.
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