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I'm due in about a week (Ahhhh!!!) and still working through fears. My big one is not going into labor. I was induced at 41w6d (I *think* I was really only 41w) and had a c/s for a failed induction. I keep telling DH that once labor starts I'll be fine - but until then I'm worried about what happens with I hit 41 and 42 weeks.... But... I keep listening to the Hypnobabies Fear Release CD and I feel MUCH better afterward. Now I just need labor to start. Send me some...
I'd try nipple stimulation. I've been pumping once a day for a week or so (because of low supply/IGT w/DS) and it does get contractions going. If you google it you'll see recommendations.
Why so early though? Your not due a few days.
I tried it with DS (only took 2 tablespoons) and I threw up, and no labor. I'll be trying again this time if I get close to 42....
40 weeks is really early. What if your EDD is off? My midwives don't induce until 42 weeks... and I fudged my dates a bit so it would really be 42w3d. I better not go that long! And if I do I might refuse. Obviously I haven't told them that yet (or even DH) but I can't even imagine being induced again (c/s for failed induction with DS). If there is absolutely no way you can switch OBs or refuse a 40 week induction I would try to get labor started by natural...
I caved and bought a belly bandit. Free shipping and a coupon code: http://www.mom4life.com/catalog.php?item=1686 9% off any order. Mom 4 Life Discount Coupon Code: 2009 Exp. 1/9/09
Quote: Originally Posted by mamajody DTD only works if your body is getting there on it's own anyway. However, I would say that feeling sick afterwards is a good sign that you will be in labor in a couple of days. I know several women who have said they were nauseous or vomiting after DTD, and then went into labor within 48 ours. Good luck. That would be wonderful! Don't think I'm going to have this babe 2 weeks early but ya never know
So I'm right at the 40 lb. mark at 38 weeks tomorrow... so I have between 0-4 weeks left basically. I gained 56 with DS and really wanted to keep this time under 40. But I don't care anymore. I keep eating junk food and feeling bad about it and dreading the scale. I gained 5 lbs. in 2 weeks between my last 2 appts. It is the holidays, yada yada, but it was SOOOO hard to lose the weight after DS. BFing didn't help with the last 25 lbs. of it.
We tried that with DS and it didn't work. And then we ykw last night anyway and afterwards I felt very sick.... like nauseous. No idea why. Maybe because I was on top So I think I'll stick to evening primrose oil. But... my midwife actually gave me a syringe to suck the oil out of the capsules, and then remove the needle and insert it. She said it takes too long for the capsules to disolve.
I started the herbs mid pregnancy based on this: http://www.mobimotherhood.org/MM/article-herbal1.aspx Hopefully I'll have some good news in a few weeks! A baby and a full supply!
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