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spinningbabies.com should help you figure out positioning of your baby.
I think for every 100 people you converse with in the midwest, maybe you'll save one forskin -- but a paradigm shift starts slowly.  When I hear someone is having a boy, I ask them if they've done their research on circ.  They will either ask questions, simply say yes, or get motivated to start researching but at least the seed has been planted.  Try not to take it personally.  As strongly as we feel about intactivism, a lot of people have a strong beliefs in their...
It definately sounds like you tore your cervix - pretty rare.  I have worked with birthing mommas for over a decade (the last 6.5 yrs as a L&D RN) and have never witnessed a cervical tear (or heard of one happening).  Most likely, you will labor for longer while your body tries to break up the scar tissue.  It is normal for a cervix to feel differently shaped after you have a baby whether you have experienced a cervical tear or not. 
First, if the midwife slipped an anterior lip, that doesn't mean your cervix tore.  It is very rare for a cervix to tear.  If it had torn, you would have most likely been transferred for the repair.  Most cervical scar tissue comes from LEEPs or biopsy.   It is true that scar tissue can hold up labor but eventually the body usually breaks it up.  If you want to speed the process, you could learn to do your own vag exams and when you are in labor, you could try...
Now that I'm nearing the end of my midwifery education, I want to eliminate Illinois public aid from paying for circs.  IL is in a huge financial crisis.  Recently, there has been a lot of talk on what programs to emliminate b/c our medicaid program is in severe debt.  Of course, circ stays - but we'll probably cut funding to nursing homes.   Where can I start?  Besides writing to my representatives, who else can I contact?  How do I get the contact info?   Any...
That sounds like a smegma pearl.  Completely normal.
My nephew's urologist forcibly retracted him hard enough to cause the foreskin to split and heal like butterfly wings.  Now, my SIL was planning on circing anyway (wasn't done at birth b/c of hypospadias), but my stomach turned when I saw his foreskin laying splayed open. 
Your daughter wasn't considered early.  Anytime after 37 weeks is considered full term.  Not knowing what problems you are having in your pg, I can't comment as to your rist of preterm birth.
I third degree tear involves the muscle.  If you aren't experiencing fecal incontinence, then you probably were correct that you experienced a second degree tear.  Your vagina changes with every baby.  I wouldn't worry too much if you aren't having problems.
If you are going the CNM route, you will not be paid to attend clinicals (even with a homebirth midwife).  If you are assisting a midwife, you normally get paid.  I'm sure different birth centers have different call schedules.  Usually 24hr call. I have chosed hospital birth b/c I don't see myself on 24/7 call while my family is still young. IL is desperate for homebirth CNMs (especially in your area).  In the Quad Cities, we don't have any homebirth CNMs (except for one...
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