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So cute! Her laugh is awesome.
Ooh, that's great info, thx!
I'm nursing my 7mo and just started pumping for a friend and her week-old babe today. At this point I'm pumping one side while I nurse my DD. What's 'normal' to get in a day? How much milk should I expect to get daily? I've never pumped but I've tandem nursed. Anyone have any pointers for us?
Ha! Thanks for the link.
I'm pretty sure Asperger dxes aren't given til a kid is older - PDD-NOS is the label most very young Aspies get/got, if any.
I wear one kind of skirt and one kind of camisole, both from Dharma Trading, over 99% of the time. I buy them in bulk every few years. I can be persuaded to wear a shirt over the cami to leave the house, but I wear the shirt inside out because the seams bother me. I say let him wear what he wants. Vary the colors of the pants if he'll let you.
Quote: Originally Posted by azedazobollis just found out a couple more things- he has factor 8 and protein c - could someone send me some links that explain this? Phimosis too. All four month old boys have phimosis - they're supposed to. The foreskin doesn't retract until much later. http://www.nocirc.org/articles/fleiss2.php
How do you manage 'no sitting'? That seems impossible with a newborn who needs help latching.
Kristina Chew is a professor with a special needs son. Her blog is at http://autismvox.com and her husband is also a prof.
Have you read The Speed of Dark? It's written from an autist's POV.
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