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I'm here, I'm just not one very much. :)
I am not in the Facebook group, how can I get added? I would be SO much more active! I don't seem to have much spare time, so FB usually wins the most-visited site for my computer time. 
I second the wipes warmer!    I'll add the infant mittens. I always feel so sorry for those poor babies I see w/ their hands in those obnoxious mittens, for the sake of protecting the baby from scratching her eyes out or something.  So the poor babe has just had it's nice, warm, utero world rocked via birth, it's in this cold, bright world, and now you've taken away her hands?!?  That's just mean. :P Sorry, that's a little soapboxish for such a small item.    All the...
I'm in the "advanced maternal age" camp this time around, at 36. I just had my last baby 2 years ago, and it's amazing the number things they want to test about just because I'm over the magical age line. I'm okay w/ blood test type tests, so we had the "carrier" test done (which I'm not), and the Panorama test (which I'm assuming is like that materni test someone mentioned above- it's a blood draw that test for chromosomal abnormalities by extracting the baby's dna from...
I really, really, really like this idea! Count me in! 
This is #4 for us, which is HUGE for my husband (and his family- they all have just 2!). My other little ones are 2, 4, and 6! 
This is my 4th, and I surrendered to maternity pants aout 4 weeks ago! I'm hoping I can get by w/ longer camis and cardigans for most of the winter....we'll see though! My babies have all been born in June, July, and early Sept....so I have almost NO winter maternity clothes!    DEFINITELY showing. My husband has even started rubbing the belly! 
I had the Panorama test done, and it sounds like it's very similar (tests for some chromosomal abnormalities +dna, ie gender). I've had the test done twice- once at 9.5 weeks, once at 11.5 weeks, and both times have come back as a no-result.  They're trying once more, this time w/ a swab of my husband's cheek for comparison. We'll see, I guess. My nurse said when she spoke to Panorama, they told her that up to 4% of the population will get a no-result.  
This thread is one of the many reasons I love the mothering boards! I love the variety of names you've all suggested!  Names I love, but will probably be vetoed by dh:  Girls: Cecelia Antonia Aurelia   Boys: Archer Martin   The last 3 were relatively easy to name. This one is going to be a bigger challenge. 
Not only is every baby different, but mama's preferences are, too! :)  Personally, I have both. I prefer my mobywrap for newborns- for going to the park w/ my other kids, grocery shopping, etc. For me, it's a more comfy, snuggled fit. Once they have a little more control of their bodies, I really love my ergo. I have had mine for 6 years, and I've used it for 3 kids. I still use it for my little guy (who just turned 2) for longer hikes or times when I don't want to chase...
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