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I do laundry once a week for 6 of us. Unless he has a more valid reason (like clean clothes for work) then YOU go choose a laundry bin that is big enough (maybe it is just the unsightly mess of overflowing bin?) and tell him to stuff it.
For yoga online- try the yogamazing podcasts! You can get them at iTunes for free and the guy does great at describing what good posture should FEEL like.
Finally put up a little altar in the kitchen. And then baked a bunch of goodies... Honey wheat bread and an apple crisp!
Most patriotic thing there is!I posted an intro a couple of months ago and have been lurking since. DH and I have been meeting with a small coven and I'm enjoying it! They are a crafty bunch and we did some beautiful things with lavender this weekend.We are a very patriotic, somewhat conservative family who happen to be somewhat liberal and pagan. We aren't scared to be pagan (or raise a bunch of kids and not fit any stereotypical mold). That makes me happy to live here!We...
So many things! DS1and DD didn't do much, but the twins? Oh my! Most impressive? At 15 months, the figured out how to open the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Then they both stood on it, swung out over the stairs (which it wasn't supposed to do) and jumped on it until it ripped the giant expansion bolts straight out of the wall. Huge, gaping holes in the wall. Subsequently, they have pushed each other down these stairs and gotten to ride in the ambulance to the...
"Do what works, as long as it works. When it stops working, do something different."
I meant add, I resorted to bacon-double-cheeseburgers to add weight at the end. 2-3 per week! But then, I craved them like crazy, so it wasn't hard.
I gained 50 lbs exactly, but not much in the first tri, so it was split between the last two. I carried to 37.5 weeks and the boys were 6lb-5oz and 6lb-11oz.
My twin boys are Oct 08, and speaking what I call "martian". No clue what they say! But I feel confident that they are fine and their ped agrees.
I know in a few weeks I will be too hot all the time, but here it is still cloudy and 60 degrees all the time. I want some sun!
New Posts  All Forums: