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I'm moving from Charlotte to Cary, NC and because of surgery I make about half my baby's supply via nursing, and use about 12-16oz/day of donor milk. Yes, I take lots of domperidone. Does anyone have extra milk? I would really appreciate it. Please pm me if you can help. 
I am mostly unschooling wrt reading. I feel like it's self-reinforcing so I don't need to do anything; they'll learn on their own time when they're ready. So one of my 8yo twins does not read -- he's not even close, from what I can see -- and it's starting to upset my dh. He would like to see "progress" and I've promised that I'll work with him. I have a copy of Teach Your Child to Read and... that's it. Suggestions or resources appreciated! 
Yes -- my 4th child was born at home and then I transported for pph/retained placenta. I was incredibly devastated by the situation. When I got pregnant with #5, I planned another homebirth, even though I was really nervous. My midwife and I talked about it at length, and I encouraged her to be very conservative with my blood loss, to avoid another transport.   On Christmas I gave birth to my 5th at home, and it was PERFECT. Honestly, the birth could not have been...
Hiya Rachael -- glad to see you found your way over here from CM!    I can't answer questions about working or homebirthing, as I didn't do either but I can answer a little more about MZ vs DZ.   Dizygotic = two eggs; two placentas; two sacs (dichorionic/diamniotic). Obvs if someone is having boy/girl twins, they know those are DZ.    Monozygotic = one egg. Within that egg, they can have the following: two placentas, two sacs (dichorionic/diamniotic); one...
  *I have had twins vaginally in a hospital; a baby in a birth center/hospital; and a homebirth that ended in a postpartum hospital transport for a retained placenta and pph. I was really really concerned about this homebirth, given my last experience.*   On Christmas Eve, my husband and I watched a movie (Spy Game with Brad Pitt) after the kids went to bed.  Later that night I started having regular contractions.  I couldn’t fall asleep, so I tried to read while...
Mine are TTTS survivors as well -- born vaginally at 34w at 3.11 and 5.10. I was dx at 18 or 19w.    I did not have any treatment, just very careful monitoring during my pregnancy. I had a care provider who was very experienced with twin pregnancies and TTTS -- I think that's the key. I know someone whose lost a twin to TTTS because the doctor didn't even recognize it.    I second the recommendation for tttsfoundation.org. Also, contact Dr. De Lia, he's a TTTS...
It's my daily post on the overdue thread!    41w6d and zoooooooooomg am I going to be pregnant forever? Feels like it!    My mom is here -- she arrived at 40w4d thinking she'd meet the baby, or maybe even get to attend my birth. Planned on staying for four days. Meanwhile, she has decided to stay til the baby is born, for which I'm grateful yet we're definitely getting on each other's nerves a bit.    I hope I never post in this thread again!
I've been referring to this baby as "Tax Deduction" since I found out about him or her! I thought, "Since I'm due on December 11, I'll definitely get the 2010 deduction." Wouldn't it just be ironic if I went to January 1?   I am 41w5d today. NOT enjoying this much anymore. 
As of today, I am 41w3d. This is BY FAR the longest pregnancy I've ever had. With my last one -- my longest til now -- my water broke at 40w5d.   Is anyone else who's reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly past their edd finding that it's incredibly difficult, psychologically? I cry all_the_time. This pregnancy has been so lovely physically, but I'm a total emotional wreck right now. I can't sleep. I feel on the verge of crying 24/7. I can't even talk to my friends. 
I didn't gain a lot of weight with my twins -- but I did have reserves like others. I shot for whatever Dr. Luke said about nutrition, and I did the best I could. My twins were in a normal weight range when they were born early.
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