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I would myob. Like you said, you're Switzerland. They're getting divorced so what he does is his business and what she does is hers.
You've been sewing a few YEARS and that's the FIRST TIME it's ever happened? Congrats on lasting that long. LOL! It happens to me occasionally. Like the pp said, welcome to the club.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brigio Still junk IMO.... And why is that?
We put most of it in savings for the house we're trying to buy. (We should find out next week if our loan is approved or denied... crosses fingers!) The rest was spent on a wii and going out to our favorite Mexican place. I think we may have had a few hundred on the credit card we paid off. I can't remember. It wasn't a big amount if there was anything.
I googled it and I think I found the right set at amazon. It seems like the one on Craigslist is a pretty good deal since it includes toys. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...2RXXCPG2AP8B4N
I think not letting a kid have any junk ever does more damage than a happy meal every once in a while. I feed my kids mostly healthy, but if their friends are all going to McDonald's for lunch I have no problem with us going along. I'd think if a kid never got to eat junk food ever that might attract them to it more and cause them to over-indulge as they get older. But that's jmo. Anyway, I noticed one post here mentioned pb&j and pizza and stuff being junk and what...
Once. One time a few of dh's family members chipped in for our airfare and then his grandparent's loaned us their spare car once we were there. That was a few years ago and the last time we visited. Dh's dad and step mom recently visited us and it was great. We kind of figure it's our turn to visit, so if all works out money wise we'll go visit for 2-3 weeks next spring. We'll probably stay with dh's dad to save cash on hotel costs, but I think we'll end up needing...
I voted other. I don't own the house we live in right now (was this for homeowners only? My bad if so...) but I really do love it. It's military housing- by far some of the nicest military housing I've ever seen. We have a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse. It's close to everything and very nice, for the most part. Well, ok, now that it's a few years old things are starting to fall apart (like the cabinets) because the only way to make such pretty housing on a military...
Hubby is in Yuma on business and felt lots. I kept texting him to make sure everything was ok. I'm in San Diego and it was the first one I've ever felt. At first I thought I was dizzy but then I realized no... the room really was shaking.
I'd go with option 2. Space can be worked out... there's always loft beds or bunk beds and all kinds of storage devices they can use to utilize every bit of space in the master bedroom for the boys.
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