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For the baby he's getting in his basket a beach towel instead of the fake "grass" and then two books (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and Where the Wild Things Are). The toddler is getting a beach towel in a different color than the baby, 3 coloring books, a box of crayons, a box of markers and a large hershey's plastic egg with m&ms and a chocolate bunny in it. Hubby insisted ds1 have chocolate, and I wanted useful gifts. I was originally going to do fabric...
I do like some (very, very few) wallpaper prints I've seen. But there's no way I'd ever use it. It is a nightmare to take off. I would rather paint an entire house than take wallpaper off of even one tiny bathroom. It's tedious.
That sounds like so much fun! Had I thought about it sooner I would have planned some space in our budget for it, but I didn't so it's not going to happen this year. Next year I think we'll do something like that though.
Youch!!! $700 a piece????? Geesh.
My church has about 3 of those a year. You're right- they're fun & cheap!
Quote: Originally Posted by pumpkin We got a low offer and they asked for extras to be included. Were we offended? No. Its a negotiation. As far as I'm concerned I will consider any offer. Seriously, if the price is right they can have my socks if they want. Paying the realtor is normal. Just look at the offer overall. $ offerred - replacement cost of items they want - realtor fee = real offer. The breakdown is irrelevant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twinklefae I would probably get a "pre-screened" sitter. I used to be one, I know the screening process (and dedication - it's really hard to only babysit kids once!) and would be comfortable in a hotel for a night. Otherwise, I would leave them at home with a friend/relative. That's what I would do, too.
I picked other. DS1 we had a hard time coming up with a name for (though we did pick his name before we decided to ttc). We ended up going through tv shows and movies and such and ended up naming him after one of the x-men and a demon from Charmed. Not because we wanted to name him after those characters but because we liked the name. DS2 just has a name I like. If we have a DS3 his first name will be after a literary character I like but because I like the name....
Thanks! That's a huge relief. I don't want my kids missing out on things because of vax status. Thanks again! just_lily, I'm not sure why. I was just reading the flier that was emailed to me.
My grandparent's (who I lived with at the time) once rounded up a bunch of my toys while I was at school and got rid of them. I was heartbroken. Fluffy and Moose, two of my very, very important stuffed animal friend's who I had since I was very young were taken away, along with many, many of my toys. I felt so horrible. I would take a Saturday and go through stuff with her. Tell her she can keep x number items or something and then let her decide. I was totally...
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