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WIth the first two we stayed 48 hrs so he did bring extra clothes & stuff to sleep in. This time we'll be at home so it won't matter.
That's awesome. I haven't even told my family yet(jsut 12 weeks pg), but I can already tell they're gonna be fun to deal with. I mentioned I wsa usinga midwife & mom got all horrified looking & said so you're not having him(they all assume it's a boy lol) in the hospital!!?? I just said we hadn't decided yet. At that point I wasn't 100% sure we coudl swing it.
Quite boring actually. lol I am a mama & my last name is Benson, so I made it mamabens.
My midwife comes to my home. Did you try calling first? maybe it was her home. I would maybe call first & ask several questions that you have in mind then set up a meeting.
Welcome from another Ky mama! THis is a wonderful site!!
That does seem like a long time. My midwife said she waits about an hour or until it stops pulsing.
I'm 10 weeks with my 3rd & I'm sure I have been feeling rolling type movements for a week or so. I kinda brushed it off & haven't really said anything to anyone but DH but I am sure that it was the baby.
You know, this is our 3rd & we've never had anyone stay to help out. We did/do live close to family so we just called them if/when we needed anything. We did fine & didn't need much help but it was nice knowing they were there if I had a question no matter how late it was. My parents are the only ones close this time, MIL is diabled & 5 hrs away so she probably won't be visitng, in addition she always expects us to be the ones to visit her, but that's a long story & no...
That is wonderful!! I have already told my DH that if we have a boy thta there is no way he'd be circ'd. I think he secretly thought he could change my mind until we talked more about it one night & I used the fingernail comparison & he kinda sat up straighter & said "hmmmm' Like it turned something on in his head.. maybe I won't have to fight hard.
AF was due Mon, Tue, or Wed & I tested on Tues morning & got a faint line. It is hard to explain but it was faint but still very visible. I didnt have to squint or tilt it but it was not dark either. I showed DH & he asked what that meant. lol Like my dear friend always tells me ' a line is a line is a line, no matter how light'. I haven't tested any more since then(last week) but will eb testing againt his friday to get paperwork proving I'm pg for insurance.
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