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I have never heard you shouldn't reuse them. My girls both used the same mattress when they slept in the crib which wasn't often & neither one jumped in bed they just climbed out. The matress is still in like new shape so we WILL be using it again this time.
Quote: Originally Posted by thefragile7393 It depends on the situation. A doctor is almost always last on my list. If it's not a major thing, then another mom I prefer, preferably one more natural-minded if it has to do with something in that area, but any mom will do much of the time. If it's pretty major, a m/w is my choice. yeah that!
Glad it's not jsut me. Man I can't get enough to eat latley. Also though when I'm nauseous I can't keep anything except big red gum down. so far today anyway. lol
I'm new, my edd is Feb 8 too.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaigeAnThem I also can't decide if I'm a)just getting fat; b)letting my gut hang because I have a good excuse; or c)actually getting a belly already. It seems really early to be getting a belly, even for a 2nd pregnancy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. you know what it probably is or at least what it was with my second & now again this time is ALOT of water retention & bloating. My clothes are all tight...
Glad to know it's not just me. lol I was thinking it was al in my head because I didn't notice any of it until yesterday which ironically is when I took my test & got my bfp. Today though the only thing I was able to not puke back up was big red gum. lol I wasn't sick at all with my girls
Well I'm new to this. We got our bfp yesterday morning. I was just sure it would be neg & almost stepped on my lower lip showing DH. Whose response was.."what does that mean?" lol We have 2 other kids you'd think he'd figure it out by now. So I was wondering is it too early to have 'symptoms' or is it all in my head. I have been sooooo tired for well over a week & yesterday I was so nauseous. I gagged & almost threw up after seeing a worm, bugs don't bother me usually....
Well a girls name we haven't decided on, but we have plenty of time. lol FOr some reason though we HAVE decided & agreed(wow!!) on a boys name. Harrison Reed. It's two family names put together. THis is first for us, we usually have the girl name pciked out first & are floundering for a boys name up unti the u/s date. I havea strong feeling it's a boy but we'll see.
This is my 4th pregnancy 3rd baby. We just found out yesterday & the edd is Feb 8th. ALthough everyone is being told(when we tell them) the beginning of Feb. We have a 4 yr old & 6 yr old daughters. I'm anxious to see how they react, the 4 yr old has been unusually clingy lately.
Wow it's so good to see I"m not alone. I have never been 'formally' diagnosed but I am sure that I have ADD. I was always the child who daydreamed too much or couldn't get focused & work to her potential. As an adult it's embarassing sometimes when I am trying so hard to take part in a conversation & then realize I got lost about 2 minutes ago & look like an idiot not keeping up my end. I've never tried any medication or anything never really thought about trying any. I...
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