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i have been wondering what would be an optimal spacing period between siblings. for those members with older/younger siblings, what was your experience like WRT the age difference between you? it seems that bonding/closeness is a factor with children with wider age differences.
Quote: Originally Posted by WuWei Caution killing-off candida, if one has or had mercury fillings in their teeth. It releases mercury into blood circulation to be redeposited in organs, brain and breastmilk. Taking Vit C, selenium, clay, (zeolite?) could help to bind the mercury for excretion. Pat is candida the agent, then, that transports mercury from site of origin to various other parts of the body? just trying to understand the mechanism...
a friend of mine has this compact one from plan toys.
all of the foods you listed do have protein in them, with the exception of crackers and fruit. plus there is the soy milk. since they aren't vegetarians, you could suggest easy to prepare alternatives like boiled eggs, whole wheat bread/pita bread instead of regular pita bread...the addition of meat is not the only way to include protein. HTH.
i found the reference to friend leaving for korea equating bad parenting, a bit perplexing.
Quote: Originally Posted by teale I've yet to read all the replies, but I wondered if you have watched the two interact closely to see if there is something that is making your daughter more aggressive with your friend's son? I ask, and granted my son is significantly younger then yours, but DS is far more aggressive around other kids who are also more aggressive. here is a pertinent quote from the OP's initial post that shows this (other...
when you sense she is not in the mood, step in and let people know she takes time to warm up. then disengage. but, at 3.5 yrs, she needs to know that her reaction (spitting, yelling) is not appropriate at all. preventing the situation is one part, the other is to enable her to modify her inappropriate reactions and learn coping skills better matched for her age.
i was talking to my friend the the other day, she mentioned that both her HG kids are lefties and that she has observed that most of their family members who are gifted, happen to the left-handed as well. was curious to know if this has been the experience of forum members here as well. oh, and, her kids are really good with math related stuff.
i hope he's feeling better now. not really a remedy, but i've heard that it's better to avoid the pineapple core when eating the fruit, due to it's potential to irritate the mouth. just a FYI.
ye ladies with laidback toddlers, may i ask, how your pregnancies and births (with these babies) were like? just curious!
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