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Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama I've met one mother who said she let her baby cry-it-out while her instincts screamed for her to pick her up. that would be an example from one end of the spectrum, yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueSkyJennifer Do you think people are following methods that feel unnatural to them? you might be surprised. but, yes, some do.
Quote: Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley Of course there are exceptions. your post adds yet another dimension to the discussion...information is filtered through the prism of personal experience which alters our perception/understanding of a given (in this case it's parenting) subject. therefore, it is helpful to keep in mind the relative and subjective aspects of a particular philosophy. it just keeps matters in perspective.
i don't think anyone means to invalidate the research based findings. but, extrapolating data from research and applying them on a general basis could be an overstatement.
Quote: Originally Posted by monkey's mom It might matter because: Quote: This forum has a specific aim: to help parents learn and apply gentle discipline methods in raising their children. So if people are working on applying gentle discipline methods and there is an author who is well versed in the subject, a mother might want to know how her method(s) compare. I seriously feel like we've reached the realm of shaming the...
Quote: Originally Posted by popsicle sticks Ok, I'm still working my way through the thread so forgive me if this has been addressed already. We had very nearly the same situation when mine were small. The whole development of empathy and relationship is a wonderful thing, however for us it was best reserved for times that were not already emotionally intense for either myself or the child. The best way to prevent an attack from an older sibling was to...
ah, but, as with most other things and in particular, parenting, approach should take on more than a set of how-to's. if only it were as simple as that, all of us would be so relieved! that is why i tend to look at tools (books, shows etc) as outlining certain sets of principles, if you will. i will stop at that before i drag this interesting (and enlightening) discussion to a mere semantics level.
Quote: Originally Posted by PrennaMama I've seen this, too. This is what I was referring to a few pages back. One approach becomes somebody's gospel, and then anything else is dismissed, often disdainfully. no, no...i don't mean approach, what i am saying is applicable to those who cannot look beyond shows, 'experts' and books. approach is usually more for those looking to align themselves with nature and fundamentals.
Quote: Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley This is assuming all people are wonderful and beautiful and have had a wonderful upbringing themselvs. Authentic and present...means I would beat the s&%t out of my son half the day. Ive had A LOT of therapy for my abusive neglectful childhood. that is a very hard childhood you've had, indeed. not addressing this specifically to you, but, i think there is a general tendency to confuse authentic with...
what were some of the earliest predictors that your child had a gift for numbers or math? could you please share some ideas on helping such kids explore their potential. also, is it true that kids who do well with math are/were late talkers? i appreciate your input on the subject, thank you!
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