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Happy Birthday! I'd treat myself on my special day. Order takeout and prop your feet up. The house can wait. Or if you want to go out, be all ready to go when your dh gets home, and say "I'd like to go out for half an hour to get coffee/ice cream/fill-in-my-choice to celebrate my birthday." And then go. For me, since I don't get many breaks with my toddlers (although I'm not pregnant, too) I know it can be refreshing to me to leave the kids with dh just for...
Ditto to the longer Oxiclean soaks. But also I found Zout to be better than Shout. I'll do Oxiclean soaks and then treat with Zout before washing as usual.
Quote: Originally Posted by amber913 FYI: The aloe is working beautifully. I just have to find a reasonably-priced organic gel before i destroy all my aloe plants! Glad to hear it! We get the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly from Vitacost.com They have very good prices on lots of products.
Quote: Originally Posted by amber913 What do you mean by "too much for my skin"? What kind of skin do you have? I'm the acne-prone one looking for a moisturizer, and as much as i hate the thought of putting oils on my skin and leaving them there, i wonder if i should try jojoba/EVOO...? OCM makes me break out, but when i get especially dry, and need to cleanse my face, i do it anyway b/c my skin feels so nice afterwards. So i, too, have taken to...
Quote: Originally Posted by notjustmamie DH's skin tends toward oily and he use straight aloe as an aftershave lotion. It seems to work pretty well for him. Ditto to this. My DH is prone to breakouts and asked what natural lotion he could use after shaving. I suggested aloe vera gel, and he's quite happy with it. He's using the Lilly of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly.
I use a mix of jojoba oil and EVOO. I only do the OCM twice a week though, as more than that is too much for my skin. I rub it into my skin for a minute or two,then steam with hot wet wascloth, then rinse. The other days of the week, I wash with Kiss MY Face Olive Oil Soap, then witch hazel as a toner,and then the jojoba/EVOO mix as a moisturizer.
Quote: Originally Posted by es1967 Thanks for the info. Wow-there are so many scents. I checked out the forums but still not sure what to order. LOL, I know, I've got an ongoing list of scents I would eventually like to try. You could also try posting the your original question over at their forums. I'm sure some could steer you in the right direction. Also, there's the search function. If you know some particular things you do want in...
I like the scents from here. www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com You can get a small sample vial "imp's ears" for $3, if I recall correctly. There is also a forum with loads of discussions of each scent, so you can better decide if one is for you or not. And also, a swap board for imp's ears, if you have tried one and it's not to your taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by mk12 Thanks for the info, and thank you for posting that link with the photos of all the different ladycups. I know it's probably silly, but I was actually a little bummed when I ended up with the green one... but looking at the picture, I think the green ladycup (and its bag) is the prettiest. I know it's just a menstrual cup... but I am glad I'm getting a cute one. I don't think it's silly to want a certain...
I have heard good things about rose hip seed oil and I hope to try it soon for some forehead wrinkles. Here is a thread on it Rosehip Seed Oil really really works
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