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Quote: Originally Posted by isabchi I'm 5'4" and DH is 6'2"...ha!! a huge gap..LOL I've got the same gap as you. Here's a gap for you: my great grandmother was 4'11" and my great grandfather was 6'4". Yes, I have seen the pictures!!
Quote: Originally Posted by gothnurse3 I'm no expert but maybe she is too young. When is her birthday? I ask because when my oldest was 5 years old she was too young for kindergarten( Aug. birthday...she would have been 5 for 3 days to start kindergarten) so we held her back. She went to k4 instead. It was the principle's idea and she had a good point...this is the beginning...you don't want to frustrate her to the point she HATES school. She is now 6...
I have not read all the replies just the last few with the OP's updates. Can you give your dd her first piece of birthday cake sometime this week? Maybe a small cupcake or somthing. I say this for 2 reasons. One, you will have truly been the first person to give your daughter her first birthday "cake". I know it's anal, but that is how I would feel. Two, it might prepare your dd for the singing and candles and such. My first dd wasn't prepared for it...
Just adding a note about all the little ones that sit on their knees: My older one used to do that too, and then she would complain about her legs hurting. That is why we then opted for the Kaboost, she said a booster seat was too "babyish" for her, and the Kaboost raised her to the right height where she could sit. I think when kids are the right height at a table, they tend to sit rather than kneel. Well, mine do anyway. I see the same thing with the two little...
Quote: Originally Posted by ShadowMom I have to say, the thing I love MOST is not having that oozing feeling when I stand up... god I hated that. I cannot STAND tampons, they feel so uncomforatble, so I was nervous the cup wouldn't work for me. But the Diva cup is not bothering me at all. Oh, indeed,yes. I know exactly what you mean about the oozing feeling. I hated that. I'm still loving my Ladycup, so hurrah for cups!
Quote: Originally Posted by Katielady We use a thing called "kaboost," it's a device the you install underneath a regular chair to raise it up higher. It makes the chair almost completely tip-proof, and makes it so that DS can get in and out of his chair at will without help from anyone. LOVE IT! http://www.kaboost.com/ We have a small toddler size table and chairs next to our dining room table. The kids mostly sit at that since I got rid...
I'm not sure about the insurance question, but what you can do to help with the moisture in your house is get DampRid. I lived in a house that was very moist and I used these. It helped to keep the mold at bay.
I used to wear mine all the time; dh sometimes because certain times it was more dangerous to wear at work (certain days when doing construction). He has seen accidents before where hands got caught in machinery due to rings. He would usually always wear it when we went out though. Lately we've both stopped wearing them because we've both gained weight and they don't fit. I admit I've found it more comfortable not to wear one.
At 34 weeks, my twins were measured as being 6 lbs each, "give or take a pound". They were born almost 2 weeks later, one at 5 lbs 13 ounces, the other at 5 lbs 7 ounces. ETA: Nope, not in any ddc. I just find these posts under "New Posts" and I like to help out.
DH and I saw a house for sale about 2 months ago that we really liked. It's still on the market. Does anyone see whether this is THE house for us or whether there's a different one out there that we should keep eyes open for? Thank you!
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