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Bumping the thread. I found a great tip to find the transverse muscle: Make a very very exaggerated 'shhh' sound. As your stomach sucks back in, you should feel the ab muscles tighten. This has helped me when I remember to take a few minutes to tighten the muscle.
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetjasmine I've always cut my own hair and bangs although I don't wear bangs anymore. I've also most always had long hair. What I do is part my hair in back like for pig tails and bring each section around to the front, combing each straight down my chest. I then cut straight across with scissors. I've done this with both wet and dry hair. When I want it shorter like I did last night, I cut to just below my shoulders. But...
Ditch it, definitely. One of the questions that is often suggested to ask yourself when deciding whether you want to keep something is "Do you love it?" If it's not making you smile, but rather bringing up a bad memory, I would get rid of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I do still keep PT around for a few things... particularly ucky pet messes and the kinds of things you mention. I actually oil cutting boards and the like by hand. Drizzle oil on, rub with hand, wash hands after. I do like paper bags for frying. -Angela Ooh, I like the idea of using hands. It's the simple things like that that elude me, so thanks for sharing.
I think it depends on what items you have to sell and how much you could ask for them. We just had yard sale since my toddlers are done with a lot of the baby stuff. And we also had a ton of DVD's and some furniture. That was enough to make it worth our while, we ended up with over $700. Our neighbor, who also joined in the sale with us, had boxes and boxes clothes. She advertised filling a bag for $5 and made a great return that way.
I found this article interesting. http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/infor...errated-088083
I cut up some flannel blankets to use as washcloths/drying towels for my face.
Quote: Originally Posted by tylerdylan Thanks Mich. Is there a reason the B12 is in liquid form?? I'm not mich, but I think the B12 is more readily absorbed in liquid form. ETA: Oops, sorry. I did not read the previous post all the way through to see that lovebeingamommy already answered this!
I had a similar problem with certain sticky tab safety latches for the cabinet. What I did was take a hair dryer and aim it at the sticky tabs. While the dryer was heating the glue, softening/melting it, I took a flat plastic scraper (I used one like this) and scraped off the gunk. I hope this is helpful to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ksenia I like the SHMOP, with several removable cloth covers. The key to efficient mopping is not trying to rinse out the cover when it gets dirty, just replace with a clean cover as you're mopping along. Let the washing machine deal with the icky water . Instructions on how to mop in the book Speed Cleaning. I second the SHMOP. It's great for quick mopping. I also have a H20 steam mop though which I love.
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