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Hi! I'm one of the 4 LLL leaders in Jasper. We have one of the oldest LLL groups in the state. And we are still having meetings. The first Tuesday of every month. This area has a few crunchy people. You have to know how to find them. LOL Yes the DONA office closed, but they didn't do anything for the public. It was just the business office. It no longer made good business sense to keep the office in the middle of no where.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jazzmin I can't find anywhere where that is standard protocol. The law says they must be up to date by the start of the second term or they will not be allowed back until up to date. I can't find anything stating that the consequence of not vaccinating are becoming more strict. Maybe your son's school is trying to scare you. Janette, thanks for the info. That is what was stated in the local newspaper. Maybe is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jazzmin I don't know about "tightening up", but they are requiring more shots to be given by this fall. The county health clinic has been having special shot clinics over the past few months for school kids. If he does not have his shots by 20 days after school starts, he is expelled.
My son is entering kindergarten and Indiana is tightening up on their vax laws. I need the exemption form and can't find it. Anyone know of one and can share the link? Thanks
I havent read the whole thread, but I need to comment. My situation was weird. With my son, my pregnancy and labor were hard, long, and uncomfortable. My bladder was injured. We had problems breastfeeding. He had jaundice and had to have is blood checked every day. He was an awful baby too. Never slept, didn't nap well. I was a walking zombie. I would definitely say that we had bonding problems. With my daughter, my 12 hour labor ended in a csection. She almost...
I'm going to bump this to the top since this episode was on again.
Why not refrigerate?
My nephew and my friends kid have had problems with dyes. My nephew is very sensitive to dyes. Major night terrors that even began to affect him during the day. He became scared of the bedroom and insisted on sleeping in the living room. My friends kid had night terrors if he had the highest (is that #40?) and if he a lot. He's outgrown it but my nephew has not.
I'm on the yahoogroup for the Evansville BirthNetwork already!
It is difficult. My SIL does not listen to it even a little bit and we have a really good relationship. She had an elective induction and we warned her not to do it. Luckily everything turned out great for her. Then I had a necessary induction that led to a csection, unresponsive baby and a week in the NICU. I could not believe it when she signed up for another elective induction for baby number two! Of course everything went perfect for her. So instead of my info...
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