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I took a Registered Holistic Nutritionist course a few years ago and had the same issue. The course came with a book outlining a fresh perspective to selling yourself. Basically the idea is that you don't "sell" yourself, you rely on recommendations from previous clients. Do you do any community- based activities, such as attend church or school meetings? This may be a good time to slip a business card to people. Once you get a client, ask them to spread the word for you....
I am in a similar situation. I have a 2.5 yo and a dp who works regular hours. I have dreamed everyday of being a midwife for the past 2.5 years. I went to University, got amazing marks, and I applied to the MEP last year, along with nursing for a back up plan. I did not get into the MEP, so I enrolled in nursing this year. I plan on applying to Midwifery again this coming year. If I do not get in, I will do a compressed stream of nursing. I cannot sit around waiting for...
It took 2 years to organize but my mother and grandmother actually watch my daughter for me the days I have school. I've been through quite a few situations, and I like this by far, the best.
I'm not sure how busy your daycare personal are, but could you send some hand sanitizer and ask them to use it right before any hand to mouth contact. I know some contact is impossible to prevent, but it may help. Also encouraging your LO not to put hands in the mouth. I bought a natural hand sanitizer which kills germs using essential oils. It has seemed to help since I asked dd's care giver to use it before meals.
DD and I spend a lot of time in the car together, so we make the most of it by chatting each other up and paying attention to the surroundings which we drive through. I am good at making varied, nutritious meals that DD and DP enjoy. I love organizing and making my home cozy and eclectic. I get down on the floor and ply make believe with DD, and she adores it. I am trying to improve how much time we spend doing crafts each day. What a therapeutic form of art.
When I suggested online courses, I forgot to specify that taking a few online courses while taking at-school-courses as well, can help you and dp arrange your schedules so that one of you is always home. If you're both determined to go to school, I think that is beneficial for you and your family, and that it won't cause your relationship with LO to compromised. Just make sure to keep up your health and your energy as much as possible, so that you are fully present each...
Glad that it worked out for him and you. It's such a relief when you have child care that puts your mind and heart to peace.
I looked at ads in Craigslist, under vegetarian because they tended to have no tv and lots of outdoor activities.
One of you may be able to take some online courses as well, increasing the amount of time you get to be at home with baby.
I'd sa number one, because the woman in option two is lonely and bored, and I don't think that's a healthy role model for children.
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