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    If anyone has a feeling where I should be looking, I would so appreciate your help.  We miss our sweet boy so much.   Thank you!    
I'm thinking about it. Let me tell you my plan and see if you think it is doable. I've been a LLL leader for 3 1/2 years, so I already have the clinical hours. At this point the background health courses are only "recommended" for Pathway 1, so I'm hoping to skip those. Although, I am also a medical transcriptionist, so I have had some of that training already. Then I was hoping to attend the Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding 5-day workshop (45 hours)...
We just had an awful morning getting my 7yo DD off to school. This is the second week after winter break, but they had 2 snow days last week (Thur and Fri), so I think part of the problem is having had so much time off. Plus, there were a couple of incidents with a girl in her class who is her friend being teasing and a little mean to her and now she's DREADING going to school. This morning she didn't start getting upset until about 5 minutes before we had to leave. ...
Come on Doserbaby! Let's do this!!
What a sweetie! Congratulations!! I'm totally tearing up over the one of DP kissing you. Sniff.
Oh, Deb, I would gently caution you against deciding it's any issue with your DH that's delaying labor. That could cause a rift that's hard to heal later. Science is learning that it's the baby's brain that tells mom's body when to go into labor, not anything you're doing or not doing. It seems like you're both anxious about this situation. Can you have a heart to heart and talk about how you're both feeling? My thoughts are with you today!! Natalie
Wow!! LOVE all the details! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations.
Congrats mama and welcome baby!! ::
LUCKY!! Congratulations!
Try journaling all your fears out. You may not know what they are until you start writing, but just put down everything you can think of that you're worried or scared about and give those fears to the universe. It really helps.
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