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Hello, all. I was due 9/5, so 41+2 today. I'm not doing anything yet, but see the MW on Wednesday and may beg for stripping of membranes. I'm really okay, but my mom has time off NOW, and I'd really like her to be able to be with us for several days before she has to go back to work. Last pg went to 42+2 and finally got going with stripping, so I think 5 days sooner than that (Wednesday) will be plenty long enough. Come ON baby!!
Deb - Stripping membranes finally did it for me at 42+2, so here's hoping that's the trick for you. Castor oil is available in the pharmacy section of most any store. Just ask pharmacy where you can find it. I don't know what it's extracted from, but yeah, it's like mineral oil.
I'm 41+1 today and definitely ready, although not desperate. Went to 42+2 last time, so possibly another week? God, let it be soon!
Awww, what a little peanut! Hang in there, mama, he'll get on that breast!!
Oh, they always do this!! When I was nearing the end of my second pregnancy, my DD just wanted us to stay in the house all the time, just me and her. She didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. And she wanted to sleep with her arm around my neck every night. Ack!! This time she's almost 7 and very emotional right now. Nervous about how things will change with the new baby. Oddly, DD2 seems unaffected. Different personality, I guess.
Totally normal!! And it doesn't stop there. I'm having my 3rd and feeling really sad that DD2 isn't going to be my baby anymore!
Congrats! Can't wait to hear more! :::
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your birth story! When you get her latch figured out, try breast compressions to keep her sucking!
Aw, he's so cute, and love the nursing pictures! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
Congratulations!! Well done mama and welcome baby Noah!! :::
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