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Have you gotten your period back? You might be ovulating. My right nipple gets sore every time I ovulate. It's REALLY annoying. And it's almost always only the right side.
Pumping for comfort on the other side is fine and won't increase your milk.
Sounds like she's doing okay. My personal comfort level is for them to eat at least every three hours for the first couple of weeks. But, if she's a cluster feeder, she must be tanking up in the evening. Personally, I'd have her weighed just to cover all the bases. Congratulations!
What do you do with your early risers? We're not TV-Free, but plan to be soon. My girls wake up early, this morning it was before 6:30, and I spent about 45 minutes trying to get my 22-month-old back to sleep, then gave up. I want time to myself in the morning, and I WANT to get up before they do, but 5:30 a.m. is just a little too early to consider. BTW, is there somewhere the TV-Free moms hang out around here?
Same with both my girls and I never figured out why. Perhaps it will remain a mystery.
My 18-month-old has been doing this almost every night since she was 6 months old. But, if this is recent, there's probably just something developmental, cognitive, going on, KWIM? She may be trying to master a concept that you're totally unaware of.
Your problems were probably "brushed aside" in an effort not to terrify new moms into thinking breastfeeding is terribly challenging. It's hard to meet everyone's needs at a meeting, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't let your group know how you're feeling, and give them a chance to show you how much they value and support you as a group mother. You've been going to the group for a long time, so you know better than we do if they're worth giving another...
Congratulations on your new baby, Jenn. Sounds like you're very dedicated to breastfeeding and doing all you can. Do you have access to La Leche League in your area? Perhaps a Leader might have suggestions for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by NCMommax2 Ok, I may be missing something but the trailer that the web site is showing doesn't mention anything about BFing or co-sleeping but about their marriage and "how dare you blame your children...." for the separation and so on. Is this the same episode referenced? http://abc.go.com/primetime/supernanny/index.html If they've got so much going on, the show can't be all about the nursing. If the...
How do you earn your child's respect? After giving this some thought on my own, I think my daughter would respect a mother who is on her side, who she percieves as understanding her, who stands up for her, and who is gentle with her. Being on her side and standing up for her I've had trouble with. She's a sensitive child and some of her sensitivity issues I have not had the most patience with. Understanding her is a challenge, too. I feel like I DON'T understand her...
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