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Anyone take naked pictures of themselves? If so, what do you do with them? I LOVE the way I look right now but wouldn't know where to keep naked pictures of myself!! Suppose I could make a private album, but someone would find it someday, I'm sure. Anyone?
nataliekat: Edd 9/10. Feel great! Tired because I was up last night with a few contractions. First time that's happened. Want babe out because I'm SICK of worrying about my blood sugar. Otherwise, I could stay pregnant forever.
Congratulations, mama!
Went over this with my MW at my appt. on Saturday. Today I'm 39w 4d. Not even overdue yet, technically. Last time DD was born at 42w 2d, and that was really hard, mainly because I had been induced with my first and really began to wonder if my body was capable of going into labor on its own!! My MW directed me to read the chapter on Birth Times in the book Birthing in the Spirit. That was really neat. It was mainly a review of the work of a psychologist who had...
When I've felt this way I've had feelings about the birth, new baby, life change that needed acknowledging and working through. Try journaling!! Write down your fears, feelings, expectations, and then just let the universe have them. Here's hoping you find some peace!!
Stripping FINALLY got me going at 42+2 last time. It was the second time my MW had done it after I was "post-dates". She did the strip and I had my first contraction as she was walking out the door. Baby was out 2 hours later.
Sounds like YOU have BTDT!! I don't know that there's much you can do to keep your supply up when you're pregnant. The changes are due to hormones and what can you do about that? Herbs and medications are not recommended during pregnancy. Eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water and monitor your 10-month-old's growth. If she starts to lose weight, you may have to really push solids and/or supplement. Good luck!!
Hi, all. My daughter is turning 7 October 19 and I'm really not sure what to get her for her birthday! I'm hoping someone out there has some suggestions. Anything you got your 7YO that she just loved? What is or was your 7YO really into? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Natalie
Encapsulating here. "The idea just grosses me out. I was following a discussion recently that brought up the possibility that the placenta is full of toxins that it kept from the baby. I don't really know but it makes sense. " I don't know if that's the function of a placenta. Doesn't your liver filter the blood? Might be worth looking up any studies that show what the placenta contains. For me it's more about replenishing hormones and minerals that have been...
38 weeks today. Last time I went to 41 w 4 d, but I REALLY REALLY hope it's not that long this time. MW feels like I'll go right around due date (Sept. 10) Hot tub is set up. Need to make up the bed with waterproof sheet. Want to set out candles. Last night I had contractions and thought it would be so lovely to have it in the middle of the night with candles. I really hope it goes that way. Need to get a fresh tape for the video camera. Need to set out a...
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