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If you're not used to pumping, it can take some time for your body to learn to respond to the pump. Add a pumping session once a day, try to relax and focus on the feeling of your breasts letting down and pouring milk and within a week (maybe two) you should be getting a lot more.
OP, I had the same experience as you. Didn't really get engorged with first. With DD 2, there was NO mistaking when my milk came in, I woke up and took my bra off and had someone else's breasts about four cup sizes bigger!! Lasted probably four days and it was worrisome. I'm fearing #3 as well. Wish I could help!
Clamp your forearm over the other side and don't let him at it!! I could never tolerate twiddling and that's what I did when my girls tried it. A friend never let her son near the other nipple by similar means but that never stopped him from trying!
Does that painful left side feel "full" like that part won't empty? If so, it sounds like a plugged duct, not necessarily mastitis yet if there's no heat, redness, chills, aching. Try nursing on your hands and knees with baby under you, and bottom lip right on the part that hurts. Try deep massage in a hot shower and then nursing.
It certainly doesn't seem logical to make the immediate jump to formula! Her weight gain sounds fine!! I would encourage DH to feed her more while you're away, and you should nurse her as much as possible when you're together. Deep breath, there's almost never a reason to panic. Did ped address the mucousy spit-up?
That's awesome!! Isn't it an amazing feeling to know they've had nothing but the milk from your body??
Here's Dr. Newman's info on domperidone http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Dom...%20Started.asp http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Dom...20Stopping.asp Can you nurse her ALL DAY when you're together? Give her that opportunity to bring your supply up?
Here's my $.02 1. Maybe you could try to find two more times to pump during the day. Can you get a car adapter for your pump and pump in the car right before your first class? Then on your mid-day break, and then again in the car before you leave? 2. It's usually trial and error as to how much she'll take for a bottle feeding. Common wisdom is to send small packages of breastmilk, like 2 oz. each, and keep giving her more if she's hungry, until caregiver...
I think Hannah Rosin feels there is not enough support for women who CHOOSE to formula feed. I think she took the totally wrong approach in mentioning all the science, because I don't think that's what this article was about for her. She just seemed to be trying to justify her personal choice. All that same science has been reviewed by the AAP and the WHO and they came out strongly in favor of BF!! This is just HER opinion. I disagree with her for all the reasons...
I recently read up on this issue, and wiping seems unnecessary. How old is your son? Has he had problems with cavities? One study compared the decay-causing levels (sorry can't think of a better way to put that) of different substances. Water was 0.0 and sugar water was 10.0. Breastmilk was 0.1, so basically the same as water. Breastfeeding at night doesn't cause tooth decay. llli.org has some articles on this issue that are a good read.
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