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What a great story. You seem so at peace. We're looking at our finances, too, to try to live more simply. Simple living is where it's at! Much love.
I've decided to make exercise a priority. When I have been exercising, I've noticed how easily all the other things follow. I just feel better and I don't need the escape and comfort of food, coffee, alcohol, internet, etc. I've decided to start by walking 30 minutes when my husband comes home from work. For me, it won't work with the baby. I have to be able to do it alone, because part of it is being able to refresh and regroup.
I just posted a thread on this in Healthy Home and Body. I saw 20/20 last night and it made me so angry! It said that 1 in 3 American women have the surgery for "female problems" and that an estimated 70% (probably higher) are totally unnecessary. Also, American women are 4 times more likely to have the surgery than women in other "developed" countries (Europe, Australia, etc.). Un-friggin'-believable! One of the doctors said that yes, money is a motivator but...
Holy Cow! 1 in 3 women has one for "female problems" and an estimated 70% (probably more) are totally unnecessary. A LOT of women have a totally ruined sex life afterward and their doctors tell them it's all in their head. Doctors!
Quote: Originally posted by jess7396 I said disposable diapers and SUVs cannot be compared (in worth) to children. They are not equally "good" IMO, that is the point I was making. Absolutely. Children are worth a lot more than disposable diapers or SUVs. All this "respecting each others choices" is easier said than done. I'm expected to respect another's choice to have a large family. But comments like the ones I quoted in my previous post...
Maisie is beginning her love affair with books, too.
"I still agree that more children cannot be compared to disposable diapers, SUVs, and all other wasteful things" "I also agree that everyone should be respectful of each others choices, even if you truely believe they are wrong - it's not your choice to make!" I'll respect your environmentally irresponsible choice to have a large family if you respect my environmentally irresponsible choice to use disposable diapers. Deal?
Don't worry, everyone. I'm going to make MFuglei go for a visit with the ped I take Maisie to. I can't speak for every doctor in the practice, but the one I see has told me it's totally up to the parents to decide if and how to vaccinate their child. I've never had a moment's pressure from him.
Oh, boy. I could have written a post very similar to yours. DH and I have been married a little over a year and we've been working on "communication" and "intimacy". I broke down one night and told him I felt like we were living side by side and that I was parenting Maisie all by myself. I think it's hard to realize that you have to let the person you're married to be themselves. They don't have to be the kind of person you want them to be. I've been realizing...
: : : People kill me. As if a child who is at the 75th percentile for weight is somehow malnourished. DD turned 10 months old today and is still mostly breastfed. Most days she gets two small meals (as opposed to the three meals and two snacks "they" say she should be getting)and there are lots of days when she just nurses. She loves nursing and she's obviously thriving. Ignore people comments until you can't take it anymore and then unload on them as...
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