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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help. It's terrible how I just lie there for hours at night after going to bed. My mind just races and I can't get a certain Sesame Street song to quit running through my head no matter how hard I try. I think I'm going to try a couple of cups of relaxing tea and some meditation before bedtime. I just need to RELAX! Thanks again.
Don't feel sad. You should be PROUD and HAPPY to have had a healthy baby when you were "older". When people assume this, you should grin and say "No he's my son!" and enjoy the looks of surprise and embarrassment on their faces.
DD is almost 9 mo old. In the last week she's been tossing and turning like a maniac early in the night. She finally really settles into a deep sleep around 1 or 2 in the morning. Of course, I hear every little rustle and can't sleep myself as long as she's tossing. She's not awake. She's just sleeping lightly and really restless. Did anyone else see this with their little one around the same age? Is it going to go away? She's not crawling yet and has just...
Quote: Originally posted by MamaOui I know it sucks when you are still getting up at night and someone else is all smug about how they just wouldn't do that. Yes it does! We have some friends who have a 15-month-old. Whenever we all get together they always ask how DD is sleeping. I say she wakes a few times a night. They asked "How long does she cry before she goes back to sleep?" I replied, "We haven't done that." They they looked at each...
Simply by its title this forum seems to exclude those AP families who don't cosleep. Where are they supposed to ask sleep questions that don't involve the family bed? Couldn't we call it just something related to sleep so that everyone is included?
We just got the Graco Sound Sleep monitor at Target. So far it works great. I haven't tested how far I can go with it. But it works great when we're out on the deck. No static at all. Clear as day.
Yep, we do. I have to be able to see her. I can't sleep otherwise.
He's a Libra, actually, and I'm a Scorpio. "whereas this gemini girl likes variety and to enjoy the scenery on the way and maybe get a little scared, lol." This is SO me. Sure you're not a Scorpio? He does initiate. Every once in a while. He used to initiate by rolling over on me in bed. Now that we have a baby between us, that doesn't happen anymore. Now it's looking over at me while we're watching TV and saying "Ya wanna?" : That's supposed to get me in...
Echinacea tea has always helped me. I drink about 4 cups a day as soon as I feel a cold coming on and it never really takes hold. DH seems to get sick a lot more than I do and the echinacea hasn't worked as well for him. I'm trying to think of other things he could try.
Thanks guys. It helps to just get it out and talk about it a little. I know it's probably immature to not want to have to tell him what I want. But I can't help it. That's how I feel. Like Arduinna, I want a little MYSTERY! A little EXCITEMENT! Quote: Originally posted by AdinaL I would love it if he would show some interest in me - like he really really wanted me and had to have me - i pretty much guarantee I would GET in the mood if I thought he...
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