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You're probably producing less on that side. Your baby gets more than the pump does, but less than he gets on the better producing side, KWIM?
To clarify, it's your mom, right? Not DH's mom? Maybe just explain to her how important BFing is to you and how important support is to successful BFing. Tell her that constant mentions of formula do not make you feel supported, and ask that it not be mentioned any more. Also maybe you could thank her for being concerned, but that you can handle his nightwakings on your own, that you'll try to keep his crying as short as possible and that she should try to...
The thing to remember with an open wound on your breast is that you want to KEEP A MOISTURE BARRIER ON IT! It does not help to let it dry and scab over, because then it just rips open and healing has to begin again. I would alternate Lansinoh and Neosporin Plus Pain after every feeding or pumping, whichever you've decided to do on that side. Definitely don't let him continue to injure it. Use a different position or pump on that side. Keep us updated!
I'm so bloated every day! Anyone else having this? It's not as bad so far today. I tried to eat more protein. I think part of the problem is too many starches and not enough protein. But I'm still having problems! Does this go away with the nausea?
I'm 8w4d today, and still tired and nauseous. I've been feeling every morning for my uterus, and I could feel it this morning. Wow, makes it real. Have my first midwife appointment on Thursday and we'll try to hear the heartbeat then. Fun!
4-month-old popping on and off could very well just be developmental, becoming more aware of surroundings, being distractable. My LO's did this at that age and it was nearly impossible to get them fed, they just wouldn't pay attention to what they were doing! You could try breast compressions to keep him interested: http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Breast-compression.asp
Try breast compressions! http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Breast-compression.asp
I personally know mothers who have gotten their babies on the breast after WEEKS or MONTHS of bottles. If you need to take some time off nursing to clear your head and heal your body, then you CAN get him back on, as long as you protect your milk supply by pumping enough. It's an option!
Does she do it throughout every feeding? Beginning of the feeding, end of the feeding? Before she poops? Sometimes babies will play around at the breast if they're kind of done nursing, instead of just letting go. Also there can be some biting and pulling if they're working on a poop.
I've known babies to click when the flow is fast and they're trying to keep up. My LO did it sometimes and it wasn't a problem. Are you in pain? The absence of pain might indicate it's not TT. BUT, you're right to keep on top of it. If for some reason he's not draining your breasts effectively, you want to protect your supply.
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