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Yay! Congratulations!
nataliekat/Natalie EDD: 9/4 Gender Prediction: Boy. Will find out around 20 weeks. Location: Des Moines, IA
Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on weight gain. I'm about 25-30 pounds overweight at the beginning of this pregnancy and really don't want to gain a lot. I gained 35 in each of my other pregnancies, and if I did that, I'd be over 200 lb. Might not be a lot for some, but I've never been that big. What do you all think about weight gain for women who are overweight? I guess there are already guidelines, like 15-25 lb. depending on how overweight you are. ...
I'm planning to have one to find out the sex. I'm comfortable that the risks are minimal.
Quote: Originally Posted by littlemomma I am SICK. I am nauseas 24/7 non stop. Only thrown up once but it feels like a full time job to not hurl. I am TIRED. I am weepy and irritable at this same time. My boobs are sore, but I barely notice or care about that. I don't have cramps at all. This is exactly how I felt with my other two, but wow, how I forgot how HARD IT IS to live like this. =( Ugh. Sorry you're going through...
It's been almost four years since I was last pg, so I'm really excited to look at cloth diaper sites again. Yay!! Anyone have any favorites? That maybe also include a lot of products for mom before and after birth, for nursing, etc.? Thanks!!
I'm six weeks tomorrow and mostly still normal. Boobs feel full and sore, a little cramping here and there, that's about it.
The FIRST thing I noticed was crampiness, of course, and that's still going on. Second thing was having to get up to pee at night. Why does that come on IMMEDIATELY? And it lasts the whole pregnancy. A few days ago boobs started to feel sore and now nursing my LO hurts. May be weaning soon (she's 3). Tired at night and ready to go to bed but during the day I'm pretty okay. No nausea or sour stomach yet. I'm really hoping to skip that part this time. What a...
Yay, first timers! I'm excited for you!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MaryJaneLouise Maybe instead of saying "the average age of weaning", you could say "the biologically normal duration of full-term breastfeeding is 4 years or more." How do we KNOW this though? Where is the data? That's the point that's being made. It seems like it is a number we have chosen to believe is the truth, without its ever having been substantiated. Dettwyler herself says that a review of 64...
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