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I am on chemo and have a lung disease, and I survived h1n1 ONLY because I hit the ER at the first symptom and got tamiflu. Given your son's situation, I'd call and ask his oncologist (or whoever is administering the chemo) their opinion. I honestly don't know if it's recommended prophylactically in a case like that or if you'd wait for the first symptom to appear (like me lol - and I had a 6-day ICU stay even with the tamiflu). Sending positive vibes that it skips...
I'm immunocompromised (on chemo) with a lung disease, so I did get tested and treated. Thankfully I went in at the first sign of illness and started tamiflu immediately, and as such I only required 6 days in ICU to recover enough to know I'd survive this round. Since I'm atypical, I'll share the kids' course of illness instead since they're more like what you'd go through. My kids range in age from 2 to 17. The 17yo was hit hardest, and he had to have nebulizer...
staph infections cause boils. MRSA is a frequent culprit with something like you describe, the first round of antibiotics may not have been enough.
My kids all have beds, but they all pile in bed with me in my king-sized and that's fine by me. The oldest is turning 14 in a few weeks, the youngest 2.
I do but I'm disabled and no longer work. If I did have to work I don't know that it would be possible. It's all I can do without adding the stress and time factor of work.
In my family, myself and (at least) 3 of my 5 children can sense certain things. Not necessarily what you would call psychic, and it's to different degrees in each of us, but we are definitely aware of certain supernatural things. In particular, my dd and I are drawn to certain houses, usually old, always with a history, and we often get a vibe from them that allows us to build a background of the circumstances surrounding that house. The other 2 children's senses...
Wow. I think you handled that just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerama Do you know if its so kids-centered that its overrun with kids? It would be nice to find a place that is family friendky but also relaxing. Any clue on the beds? The adult bed was fine, I don't know about the bunk beds because the kids slept there but they didn't complain. They beg to go back all the time though! And yeah, overrun by kids is a pretty good summary lol. The one I went to was also next to...
My kids love it. It will definitely keep the kids busy!
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