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You're a riot! I've been thinking about propping up a mirror to see my fuzz. And then, I decide that it's just too much trouble and end up giving up altogether.
Congratulations!! it's great that they let you deliver so early at the birth center! my bc will only let me deliver there if I'm between 36 weeks (which is tomorrow thankfully!) and 42 weeks. I am so happy for you!!
I'm a chemist (a radio-/organic chemist to be exact) and I'm done in 2 weeks and 1 day (which will be 38 weeks). I'm sooo counting down the days. I work from about 8 ish (usually 8:15 or so) until 5:30-6 pm every day. Most of my work since I've been pregnant has been at my desk. I do some experiments in the lab as long as it doesn't require me being around radiation. I really can't wait to kick my feet up.
I think your MIL sounds paranoid. If your dh is really taking the bait though, I think giving him Seth as a middle name and calling him that is a good idea. I have a nephew whose first name is a tribute to his dad, but everyone calls him Cameron, which is his middle name. We've called him that since birth.
Congrats!! I'm sure your son will be fine! What a wonderfully healthy weight for 35 weeks!
So how do you know when it's prodromal and not b/h? I have tons of b/h's. So many that my midwife sent me to the hospital to ensure that I wasn't dilating. I wasn't. I have no idea what the diff is.
Quote: Pregnant women should not receive nasal spray for the seasonal or 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine, but it is okay for a pregnant woman to be around a family or other close contact who has received nasal spray flu vaccine. The nasal spray vaccine can be used in healthy people 2-49 years of age who are not pregnant and in women after they deliver, even if they are nursing. I just want to mention that although they make this statement, it doesn't mean...
Quote: Originally Posted by jimv DH here. Y'all are a bit excited about this...wow! Let me just say that if I thought it was a risk, I would not have gotten the vaccine. But the flu is going around like crazy in this town (especially at my school and work), and I'd rather get vaccinated with a weakened virus than get the full blown flu. By getting the vaccine now, it's highly unlikely that I'm contagious and I'm well enough to care for myself and keep...
Hopefully your husband doesn't shed much of the virus. Good luck!
I'm starting to feel like the "slogan" for this thread is "people make the world go 'round". Seriously, this is such a small issue and for people to be labeling others over these pregnancy t-shirts is completely immature. I for one would have purchased a shirt that said "Gestating". I think it's perfectly "Classy" to wear this and I'm certainly no undesireable. I'm pretty hot if I do say so myself. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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