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I am following this thread. oP I just posted almost the same question in the homeschool forum? We are using Enki and it is just too labor intensive for me right now and since I didn't buy it new I can't get any support from the company. I have a 7 year old first graders and twin four year olds so we are in a similar boat age wise as well. I am not really unschooling because I do believe what b. sutton wrote about it in the Enki intro ( not sure if you read that). I want to...
I am currently using Enki grade 1. I am totally overwhelmed by all of the information. As much as I am on board with the philosophy of Waldorf and Enki I am floundering. I struggle with discipline, organization and attentiveness as an adult. I also have bipolar disorder and the reality is sometimes my kids are pretty much on their own for playtime/ schoolwork. I wish that wasn't the truth but a few times a year I fall into more severe depressive or manic states and until...
There is a yahoo group for Enki that answers many curriculum questions. Generally the day consists of learning through movement activities ( sensory integration) and a morning lesson. Each month you alternate between language arts and math with science mixed in. Learning is done in a three fold process. First in the I trod unction of the material through a story. You do nothing with the material until the next day so they can absorb it through play. Then you do some...
I am sah homeschooling mom to 3 girls. Our long term goals are to pay off consumer credit debt and have an 18 month emergency fund! Short term goal is to get my grocery budget down and to avoid using any credit cards. My girls have multiple food allergies so our grocery bill is insane. How we plan to get there is by sticking to a strict budget to cut down on unnecessary spending. We are also considering moving to a much small apartment. We own a home in another city and...
I am using enki grade 1 right now and my love of it is matched only by my complete feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the I formation and ideals.
I am h.s. for the first time this year and have Enki 1st grade curriculum. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Also I have four year old twins and Enki suggests doing different stories for the younger kids so I am considering buying a separate story curriculum.
I bought Enki 1 st grade second hand and two pentatonic flutes as the biggest chunk but this is my first year and I wanted a curriculum. Next year I don't think I will feel that a curriculum is essential but will buy a lyre. I have twin 4 year olds and a 7 year old so the curriculum will get a lot of use. I plan to do a gymnastics program for homeschoolers mostly for socialization which costs about $300 a year.
I have decided to go with Enki for curriculum. My daughter has SPD traits and is sensory seeking. Are there any good places for low cost sensory equipment (ie weighted blankets, wobbly chairs etc?)
I am Waldorf homeschooling this year and I am wondering if I should invest in a nice pentatonic flute or just start out with a penny flute
I am super new to homeschool but I have heard that oak meadow does different stories when typical Waldorf starts saints and Enki does multicultural stories. I have an awesome feminist fairy tale book called "maiden of the north" I plan to use. Also my dad is working on righting stories that read like fairy tales to teach the kids about different healing properties of herbs "ginkgo tree helps lost kids remember their way home etc" so you could write some of your own like that.
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