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I've recently gone no 'poo and soap free, but I have a question about shaving. What does everyone use to shave (for those who do,) to avoid cuts and bumps? I'm not a shaver generally, but a few times a year, so it's not something I'll be doing often, but I need foam or lather, or... something. Ideas or advice??
Yes. That. Exactly that. I think if instead of gifts people gave time, there would be SO much less giving. People think they show love by giving, giving, giving.
We've always been honest with what we don't want- no characters, *nothing* that takes batteries, no latest toy trend. My parents, while not happy about it, usually stay within limits. Our daughter is their only grandchild, so she is spoiled and comes home with tons of stuff sometimes, but we send it right back to their house. My husbands parents do not listen at all. They live at Walmart, they over shop, and are semi-recovering hoarders. For DD's 5th birthday (in Nov),...
I really like this book... SweetNeedleFelts But I only have a few books to speak of, so I'm sure there are tons of other great ones out there!
Quote: Originally Posted by Danielle283 Great episode!! I want one of those mugs now. Here ya go :
Quote: Originally Posted by SAHDS I am sad. More to follow on Thursday... Uh oh- what's wrong? Hope everything is OK... or are you just sad about Holly leaving?
Can not wait! Did anyone notice Ryan in the back while Michael is doing his "Michael Klump" impression! Wow, what's he doing back there lookin' all clean shaven and Temp-ish?
So, what did you end up doing? Hopefully they gave you a refund! Sorry that happened, though. Sucks!
# 1... Love It!!
DH thinks JAM is going to break up He's usually never wrong, so I'm so mad at him for saying this! I will be SO mad- I think I'll have to stop watching if she meets someone in art school. He better pop the question before she goes to art school. Here's how I picture it... Him noticing her bad mood and asks her what's wrong one to many times and her kinda yelling something like "I really thought you were going to propose to me tonight, Jim" and him saying "Me too" and...
New Posts  All Forums: