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If you're using the Lower Anchors you MUST use the tether for a forwardfacing install. If you install with a seatbelt it is optional though STRONGLY recommended (the use of the tether when ffing reduces head excursion in a collision). If you are installing rearfacing (whether with the lower anchors or the belt), the tether is optional. Yes, Britax recommends its use but it is not required for a rearfacing installation.
11 hours is pretty low for a toddler so young. _Sleepless in America_ suggests that a child this age should be closer to 13 hours. (It's a really great book, I highly recommend getting your hands on it.)
Because we didn't do it until DS was a few months old they did an infant hearing screen rather than a newborn one -- he had to be awake and cooperative for it. It was actually kind of fun.
Sleepless in America.
We get "My Big Backyard", "Zootles" (Zoobooks toddler subscription) and "Disney and Me" for our littler kids.
I was an exchange student in High School (to Russia) and it was the most amazing experience. Very exciting, educational, fun, etc. One of the best experiences of my life overall.
My ped helped us get a referral through our insurance and we did it when DS was a few months old.
We have two of the cushy ones. My littlest one hates them and prefers to just stradle the seat (Although I used them with the older two).
My husband's entire team had to come over and see our birthing pool the day it was set up. It was very silly.
I'm not. We never really did bedtime stories with any of our kids. They get read to during the day. I don't feel it's necessary and I prefer to keep bedtime "rituals" to the barest minimum. (put on pajamas, brush teeth, kiss goodnight for the older kids... Nurse and rock, lights out, for the youngest)
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