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Quote: Originally Posted by Georgetown HB Mom DDC crashing from April. Tums are not good for pregnancy at all. They do not provide calcium for the baby's bones. The calcium in tums is not well absorbed by the human body so it actually gets deposited on the placenta which makes the placenta hard in places. I am a homebirth midwife and have actually seen placenta's where the mom ate a ton of tums during pregnancy. The placenta's look awful. Please do not...
To me, natural consequences of throwing things at me definitely includes NOT reading to you. That isn't using your emotion to punish, it is truly natural consequence.
Calling the shelter, while you would think that it should be a good thing to do, seldom gets an animal back. You really need to visit the shelter every. single. day and look carefully for your lost pet. When I lost a dog several years ago in San Diego County, I had to make the rounds of five different shelters every day. With a young infant. I know it's a pain and can be difficult logistically, but it's the only way to ensure that your pet isn't there.
Quote: Originally Posted by nd_deadhead If your cats are happy being domestic, indoor cats, why do you want to put them outside? The dangers of outside life are just as great in the country as in town, if not more so. : 5 acres is not nearly enough that your cats will not leave your property. Having lived on 5 acres with cats, I can guarantee this. And, again, what is the point? Also, something to consider is that after your cats eat the...
What kind of puppy is she?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ola_ Actually for many large breeds you're not supposed to feed puppy food at all. California Natural says on their website that you can feed the adult food to puppies with no problems: I would just stick with the adult food from now on. Find out how much they recommend you feed at this point and just adjust depending on how his weight looks (but that goes for any food really). Yeah. If I fed my dog what the...
Quote: Originally Posted by huskermommy oh really?! I didn't know that! So he would be fine to continue to feed him adult food from now on? I know with larger breed dogs they can grow too fast on the puppy food so at 6mos or so you're suppose to start mixing the puppy with the adult food. No, with larger breed dogs you're not ever supposed to feed them any puppy food at all.
Don't feed him extra. Adult food is more than fine for puppies. He'd be perfectly fine if you never fed him puppy food at all. In fact, if he weren't a small dog, I'd recommend that you should absolutely not feed puppy food.
I'm sticking with pointer. Also, a dog that doesn't like treats could not possibly be half lab
I didn't before, at ALL, but now I see pointer. I don't see lab. Do you have any pics from the side to show his body style and his tail? Also, intelligence does not equal trainability. Not saying that he is or isn't smart though.
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