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Bonjour!   Je m'appèle Amy et j'habite dans le Plateau à Montréal.   Je suis également animatrice d'un groupe de portage, Mamasupial Montréal.   I have a Facebook page for the group under the same name.   Cheers!
Sometimes private daycares can end up costing less than $7 per day, but you have to wait until you do your taxes and submit the receipts to get the refund.   The Quebec government does offer the option of giving you the money back in 12 monthly installments, so you don't have to wait until tax time. This is of course determined by your level of income. Obviously in a couple where both are making $80K or more, the subsidy won't be as much as for a couple where both...
Hey, good to see you here, Kate! DS has started school?!? Where did all the time go? (((HUGS))) as you get through this transition. I will be in your situation this August when DS2 starts JK at the same school his older brother and sister go to. What school is DS going to? I didn't know you could start in January.
Our meetings start again on Tuesday January 17 at the usual location and room.   I hope to see you all at the YMCA du Parc - 5550, av du Parc Room 2B Time: 10h-11h30   Happy New Year and keep warm!
You may improvise with a folded up receiving blanket or towel to boost up your infant so their head is at a proper height and not swallowed up by the front panel.    Good luck!
Have you considered trying to wear your child INSIDE your coat? This way there would be less slack and more proper distribution of your child's weight on your body. The fluffy-ness of your coat and baby's coat get in the way of having the straps resting directly against your body for support.   You can DIY with a Salvation Army find or buy one. Suse Kinder is a popular brand of babywearing coat.   I myself live in a cold climate. The winters here regularly go...
We are raising trilingual kids here too (me: Chinese, DH: French, community French & English). Although Chinese was the first language I learned, it is not my strongest. The kids go to Chinese school on Saturday mornings, and I speak to them most of the time in Chinese.   Just wanted to offer my encouragement with your efforts. Good luck!
I am sorry I don't have any solutions. Just wanted to say that I hope everything works out for the best. I am in Montreal. PM me if you want.
Feel free to PM me with any questions. We currently live in the Plateau - Mile End.   For english-speaking daycares, you might want to try the McGill Daycare. They have two. One for students and another for faculty and staff. The downtown YMCA also has a daycare that might be bilingual. The neighborhood daycare across the street from us has many kids from bilingual families, but the staff all speak in French.   Your daughter does not have to attend school until...
Hi everyone,   Hope  you had an awesome summer!   Fall is in the air, and we are resuming our BWing meet-ups at YMCA du Parc as of Tuesday Sept 20. Come one come all to Room 2B from 10h to 11h30.   I am in the process of setting up more satellite locations in Villeray and Plateau and would love any BWing mamas out there to help volunteer their skills with parents in their neighborhood! With the donation we received of over 40 carriers, it would be a wonderful...
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