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I vaxed my kids on a delayed schedule and my ped was okay with it. Don't know what else to say. If you feel you are being harassed by your health care professional, you could just stop going to the appointments for a while or switch to another doctor who is more sympathetic.
The pottying is going well, at 1 accident per day (mainly pees, but sometimes stealth poos ). Wanted you mamas to give me some advice. DS2 is a biter. I have never had to deal with this type of child before. He's left bruises on DD because of this terrible habit. Most of the time, it's just me with the two kiddies, and all my energy and time is immediately consumed by consoling DD who is crying hysterics, and belatedly I tell DS2 in a stern brief message that biting is...
Hi all, Haven't been around much 'cuz we'll be moving in a couple of weeks. No long distances, just down the street and around the corner. But that still requires packing. DS2 is doing well with potty training, and we had our first full day outside the home with no dipes and NO accidents. Up until now, he'd be bare bottom at home, but with diapers going out and about. Would be lovely to finally get rid of all those CDs once and for all!
Can I join your club? Because I too have a DH that likes to keep boxes of books he doesn't read...
As a trilingual family ourselves (French-Chinese-English) you have our whole-hearted support. The only caveat is if the kid shows true language difficulty. But in that case, I feel the kid would be struggling regardless if there was only 1 language to deal with. Good luck!
My DH is French Canadian, and I am of Chinese origin, born and raised in Toronto. We have 3 darlings that always manage to put a smile on their Chinese and French-Canadian grandpas
I had posted earlier about a clinic by St-Laurent & Jarry that is accepting new patients. They have a family doctor, and will be hiring another one. Contact Ortho Med Physio Jarry (upstairs from the PharamPrix on the ground floor) at 514-687-4372 to book your appointment with Dr. David Levy. Address: 8127 St-Laurent (corner Jarry). Good luck with your pregnancy!
Didn't know MDC had a thread about this! I'm joining because I need some serious motivation to pack pack pack, and declutter 10 years worth of accumulated stuff. We bought a place 350m away from our current home, and take possession in a few short weeks. My goal is to empty all shelves of their contents before June 30 so DH can disassemble the furniture for the move. I will be 500 km away with the kids visiting my parents for 3 weeks in July while DH does the bulk of...
We are a family of 5 with 950 sq ft of living space. It's okay for now, with the oldest 8 yrs old. We'll be moving to a 1 200 sq ft ground floor apartment, so we'll have a backyard, plus storage space in the basement. If forced to stay at our current location, we could probably make it work with lots of serious decluttering...
I started a meet-up group based on babywearing. Some of the parents that show up are crunchy, but not all. Some parents come by multiple times, others show up once to get the help or advice they need, and disappear. I charge $20 per family per year because I lend out carriers to people, run a website and use Constant Contact for our e-newsletter. The Y donates space and I donate my time to run this group.
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