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Not posting much, but trying to keep on track despite the curveballs life can through. For exercise I am running. I did 2.5 miles today. I also want to be better about taking the dog on a long walk, for her and me. BTW, you can stream very good yoga classes on yogatoday.com.
I have really fallen off the wagon. I need to get back to it because I just don't feel good in my body, not to mention that I want to lose more weight. I seem to have something blocking my way towards prepping/cooking (and therefore eating) all the veggies. It wasn't that long ago that I was doing great. Ugh!
Good golly, so many of you get cheap sitters! We pay $12/hour for 2 kids, but I know some charge $15. We don't go out a lot. One thing we do is arrange sleepovers to avoid the babysitting $$. DH and I were talking that we need to get back to our running. It has been like 2 weeks. And for the way that I am eating....
oh, and just wanted to say that I can believe how many of you are already well into your summer breaks! We have a month to go.
Not completely caught up, so if this was mentioned, forgive me. I saw the new format yesterday (dell laptop) and HATED it. So, channeling Geofizz, who seems to go seek for herself before asking advice, I went to the control panel and switched it back (tan II). Looks like maybe the default was reset for some of us.
Subbing before I get too far behind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Penelope See, your dh is being manipulative here. IMO. It can't possibly ruin everyone's whole day because he has to care for his own kids for a couple of hours. So maybe he hates it, maybe the kids would prefer something else, maybe whatever, but he's exaggerating the situation to make you feel bad. I'd ask if he has any constructive suggestions to make, and bring up the possibility of a time swap - if he has the kids...
drjen, pic!
Thanks for all the encouragement. I got home from helping at school lunch and DH told me the birds fell out of the sky. As in, he went for a run. I still can't believe it. He said that he ran to the park and then did one loop. I had to try and not laugh at him. I told him yesterday that I did about 6 loops and his eyes got rather big. I don't know if he is suddenly inspired by watching the Biggest Loser (not that he has any weight to lose AT ALL) or what. So I...
Bec, My DD is also becoming much more difficult in general. Could be burnout, but we still have a month and a half of school to go! Thanks for the heads up. I read so much about rest days, etc etc, that I am not completely sure what I should be doing when I am "at the beginning" of things. My ideal would be running 5 days a week, schedule allowing, but since my longest is 3 miles...anyway, got a quick walk in with the dog. Now must head to school to assist with...
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