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Been reading along (and finally caught up!). I went for a harder than usual run yesterday. I have been able to manage 3 miles on the treadmill, but yesterday I did it outside with the dog. We didn't quite do 3 miles, but it was in the park with a fair amount of hills. I was fully planning on going for a run this morning, but woke up with fairly tired and slightly sore legs. I am still trying to figure out what I should push through and when it is just silly. I only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry Yeegads, dd1 is practicing her recorder. :: Good thing I her. My little DD is coughing and coughing. Making some tea for her right now. I calibrated my new Nike Ipod sensor today and then did my run on the tmill. All told I managed 3 miles. I could tell that it was easier than the last time I did 3! (about a week ago, I think.)
Can't wait to see pics and hear stories of Indy. The girls were going to bike the 5k, but then decided to run it along with their friends. Despite a strong beginning, it was rather long for them. I ran/walked with DD2 (5) and we made it in 54 min. DD1 (7) was with DH and then did it in 48 min. We all had fun. And the rain held off until we were done, and now it is totally sunny. We are off to see Disney Earth with friends and their kids. Should be good!
Good luck racers!! Can't wait to hear about the dingo gathering and race. We are soon heading out to our family 5k. It is thankfully not raining, which it had a good chance of doing. Hopefully it stays that way for a while.
Just signed up for a 5K tomorrow. It is a fundraiser for the school and we are doing it as a family, so not sure that I will be "running" it per se. I really hope that it is not raining! Mandy, that is great news about your fitness/size drop. Are you still doing Eat to Live?
My kids get a Nutella sandwich (on white bread, no less) for lunch most every day. I am not keen on it, but they will eat it and it is easy to pack. So, I am choosing to stress on other things. ...like the fact that DD1 is driving me insane. Ugh ugh.
Re: contact allergies. Just to throw this out there, I developed a fragrance allergy seemingly out of nowhere. In other words, things that I could tolerate just fine historically, became hugely problematic. And it would take a couple of days to show up as well. That was hell until I figured it out, let me tell you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry Dd1's teacher called me to tell me she was having some kind of allergic reaction and her face was breaking out in hives, etc. : I drove REALLY fast to get to the school and pick her up, got some Benadryl in her, etc. I think it was the sunscreen we used yesterday. B/c she hasn't eaten anything weird and it was only on the areas she used sunscreen. It was the same stuff we used last year with no problems, : I...
Quote: Originally Posted by grnmtnmama DH is hard. he's not a talker. and i'm tired of trying to get him to talk. i know this marriage business takes work, but this is getting ridiculous. i don't have any idea what sort of value he places on it, except that i know that he thinks we are too entwined financially to break up, which is really not true. I've gotten the clear impression that you have done more than your share re effort. I was...
Mandy, . It is good to get clarity, but that has to smart. Good luck with whatever you do. re DH's and stress. I recently had this discussing with a friend of mine. I brought it up as DH has been super stressed lately due to lack of work, and pretty much told me that he is too stressed/depressed about work and $$ to be able to find any inclination towards cross training. It wasn't becoming and issue for me, but I had just presented an opportunity, and he declined. ...
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