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Quote: Originally Posted by Geofizz I missed the last several splits -- I was off informing the powers that be that NO, you may not move the student that threatened me to this floor. I now know more about "hostile work environment" law than I should. : Geo, we crossposted. Why would they even try to do this? :
tjsmama, good luck at the ped. Yes, unfortunately, if you are dealing with and allergy, it means cutting out all of the offending food. I know that is not what you want to hear. Am trying really hard to work out a really sore stiff neck. I did manage 3 miles this morning! My current longrun.
Wendy, SandS's first name is Jill, I believe. Does that confirm what you have?
do you need a gym to do this kind of lifting or can you do it at home with free weights?
Wow, Plady, that sounds like quite some workouts. Good on you. Jo, I hope that you are feeling a bit better by now, or at least got better drugs. I was thinking of your back pain ala Heal Your Life (the book of affirmations that Monica used to talk about). I don't have the book right here, but I seem to recall that low back pain is $$ related. I can look it up for you if you are interested in more specifics. I got in a good run today. I hadn't done anything for...
I just did an almost 2m run outside. Felt intermittently hard to good. At points it was so windy I was worried my ear buds would blow out of my ears. I also "ran" errands and stopped at the library on the way home. I did get some books for DD, but they didn't have the book on hold like the email notice I got said they would. :
Quote: Originally Posted by bec : Yeah, Moonshine!!! Doesn't it feel good to just push it?! Yes, it does. And my triceps are sore from yesterday's yoga. It is POURING here. And just heard thunder.
Here is the article. It is from April, which I got a couple weeks ago, and just got a new one yesterday.
No, it is in last month's. Let me go dig it up.
Plady, there is something written about breaking up runs in the last RW mag. If you don't have it and want me to provide more info, let me know. A bit shout out to bec! You posting your speeds in the tm yesterday gave me on huge kick in the butt. My running speed was no where close to your warmup speed! Granted, I have only been consistently at this for like a week, but today I pushed it speed wish (and actually time wise too). I am now dripping with sweat and am...
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