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I have been absent for the last few days and this morning had time to catch up and was sure that I would be reading JenLove's birth story. Sprout is taking her time! Glad to hear that things are progressing. Thinking of you!
Thanks, DrJen. And to you on your day "off."
Quote: Originally Posted by tjsmama It was ok. I mean, it was totally fine, but I didn't love it like I did the other one. And it's nearly double the cost. We're still on the waiting list, so I guess not all hope is lost. I may call and see if they can tell me *where* on the waiting list. The back-up school requires a deposit PLUS a full month's tuition to register, which is a LOT of money. I am so, so sad right now. Isn't it a trip how...
DrJen, not sure if you saw my earlier post about precocious puberty, but would love your input. Also, aren't you supposed to be having a day off today?
OT question: mamas with older girls. When did your girls start any signs of puberty? DD1, who just turned 7 a month ago, has a tiny bit of pubic hair, which she has had for a little bit. She also gets these random, but nasty looking pimples on various places on her body. Not acne per se. Should I be worrying about precocious puberty or is this all in the realm of normal? DD2's stomach bug came back again, or rather never completely left. This after missing 6 days...
DrJen, thinking of you. Sounds super tough. Since we are on the topic of movies, we just watched a completely heart-breaking one: Breaking the Waves. It was particularly triggering for me, but man, what a movie. I was bawling.
Oh, and wanted to add, that little things you have to do in the beginning as you are just getting used to this way of eating, you may not have to keep doing. When I first started, I found myself hungry between meals (and thought that I was starving ), I would have a snack, like carrots and hummus, but after a few days, my body adjusted and I didn't need the snacks.
Just found this thread. I did E2L before, and am now trying to get serious about getting back to it to get rid of the 15 lbs or so that have crept back on. Salad dressings: I really like a salad w/ brown rice vinegar, a generous amount of dill, and Braggs. I tend to not take his salt heeding too seriously, although I wouldn't say that I eat alot of it. Coffee, not giving it up. And I liberally use milk. Ultimately, you have to find a way to live with this...
For those of you Twilight fans (I know nothing about it, other than it exists), DH told me that he worked with the hand model for the cover of the book the other day.
JenLove, hmmm seems like it is about time to Gaye, mani/pedi? Coffee shop with a book? Mandy, I have to thank you for the reminders to get back to E2L. I so need to get back to that, and am trying now on day 2. Bored kids in school. I just finally put two and two together that DD1 is probably bored with her math. The homework seems ridiculously easy, but after an informal poll, found that not all parents agree. Talked to DD about it last night and am...
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