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Jess, responded to you on the end of last month's thread. Not sure if you saw it there or not.
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Just quickly checking in before I go get kids. Sparkletruck, I have been on Zoloft for a couple of years now. I had to up the dose a few times until I got it right (200mg). It is great because it fixes what isn't right and I don't feel any side effects. Recently I was struggling more so with energy, etc and have now added Wellbutrin. It has helped with my energy levels, but I still have some dips in mood. My therapist and I have come to the conclusion that I need...
We are off to PA for t dinner with my very stressed MIL. I have come a long way with accepting my MIL for who she is, but she can really be annoying when she is stressed. The kids are anxious for us to leave. They unlocked our front gate and the car and started packing the car themselves. Happy racing to all are are! And happy :. Be back in a few days.
Did a week 2 run on the treadmill this morning. Feels pretty good except for my lungs. No shock there. Had the happy news that my size 8 jeans, that I haven't tried on in ages for fear that they wouldn't fit, actually do fit and I don't feel stuffed into them. : No wonder my size 12 pants that I have been wearing have looked so awful. I have been doing better with eating, but mostly only on days that I run. I apparently need the exercise factor to carry it...
Lisa, I also meant to post earlier. I think that my DH has good taste when it comes to appearances, but I do my hair for me. DH likes long hair, and while I have had it longer in the past at times, it is now again shorter. The long just wasn't working for me.
Speaking of winter comfort food, I have been meaning to post this for quite some time: the quicker no knead bread. Haven't tried it yet, but I think that it is time to start making bread again!
When we got a CSA the juicer often came in handy. Now we are part of a coop, so don't do the CSA anymore. Did the tmill. I am sort of roughly following c2k w2. I think that I am running more than is prescribed (longer), but figure if I am not dying, all is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by eksmom Moonshine - I have a massage question for you. Is there a way for a nursing mama not to have to lie on her breasts for long periods of time? I have had one once, but it was in the weeks before our wedding and I don't remember much about it and wasn't paying attention to my chest in that way at that time! I would love to get one now but was wondering about that, and also about whether or not there is an issue with...
Thankfully hunting is not a problem where I live, well, at least not hunting for animals. Didn't run this weekend but did swim with the kids yesterday. Hoping to get back on the horse tomorrow. After some really balmy days, it got windy and chilly here today. At least it feels seasonally appropriate.
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