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Oh, I am so in. I 'm such a media junkie. 1) 2 hours a day on the internet 2) 1 hour a day NPR 3) 1 magazine at a time!
Quote: Originally Posted by organic-momma I love how you have your spices! Very cool : Very creative.
Quote: Originally Posted by captivatedlife As you should be! I love the pictures of your house - it's clean, decluttered and not model-home like! I love your rack for bulk goods - where did you get it? Thank you I got the rack at Ikea.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kavita Nice! and the piece in the laundry room window cracked me up--ya know, nothing says "romance" like the laundry room! being the co-sleeping family that we are, our laundry room used to get quite romantic : before we stacked our washer and dryer
This is as clean and as clear as my home has been since our son was born. I used to live in total squalor, you couldn't see the floor in most of the house, I never threw anything out and every closet was busting at the seems. I am so proud to share these pictures kitchen Kitchen Living room Laundry room Playroom/office Desk area DS's Bookcase Closet Closet Bedroom I wish I had taken 'before' pics. No one would believe it was the same...
Like Zoebird said, I would just "dump" everything at my local thrift store. It always surprises me what they are willing to take.
Clutter's Last Stand explains the benefits of decluttering in a way that made a lot of sense to me, but I don;t think it talks much about downsizing your home. Delight's blog speaks to the joys of living small and simple.
How's it going OP? My best piece of advice is to listen to Leta! Reading her posts inspired me to change my perception of my stuff, and I was able improve my life more than I thought I'd ever be able to. Seriously Leta, you should write a book
: Bring on the white stuff!
Proud feminist mama, holding down the fort
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